I’m not dead!

I feel really guilty about not posting in forever, but first I was in Colorado meeting this little guy, who I wanted to take back with me in my suitcase because look how cute:

Fifteen years from now I will get teary-eyed while showing him this picture and he will be all "GET OUT OF MY WAY I CAN'T SEE THE T.V."

Somebody invent a contraption that allows me to reach from California to Colorado and pinch his cheeks.

And then when I got back from my trip, work took a giant turd on my life and I spent my non-office hours this week and last curled in a ball clutching a bottle of wine.

Now that I have some time to breathe,  I plan to blog all about my trip to Colorado (which included a hamburger with doughnuts for buns and multiple rolls of Tums) but for now here is a text conversation I just had with my boyfriend, who is going back to school and recently decided to start riding the bus to his classes:

Him: I’m hearing an honest-to-God Dungeons and Dragons equipment conversation on the bus.


Him: Well apparently Hector’s wagon can hold your arrows of fire while you’re dungeoneering, depending on your physique.

Me: Please ask to see his magic missile.

Him: I should. Right now we’re getting tips on how conjuring a nature spirit can help you gain plant monsters’ trust.


Him: If you’re wondering, Void Mages are a little “fruity in the loops” because they’ve seen the Void Man. And the Champion Zerath took in so much magic power he could only sustain the form of a ball of energy.

I am totally going to start riding the bus.


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