Late summer, early fall in photos

I spent a few recent weekends doing actual interesting things as opposed to my usual beer-and-cheese-fueled “Law and Order: SVU” marathon, so I figured I’d do a little photo roundup.

Avett Brothers at the Britt

Do you listen to the Avett Brothers? (If not, start here.) Their shows are the best I’ve seen, and I’ve seen Sufjan Stevens drop hundreds of blow-up Santas onto the crowd at the Wiltern. Danny Devito was there. Avett Brothers? Still better.

Breakfast at the Jacksonville Inn: Fruit, portabella eggs benedict, potatoes, homemade chicken apple sausage, coffee, heart disease.

(Funny story: We bought a bottle of wine from the inn’s giant wine shop earlier in the day, and when we returned after the concert we realized we didn’t have a corkscrew. Because we are classy, we waited to drink it until we got home. Ha! That’s a lie. We actually decided to push the cork into the bottle with Dave’s car key. It was late and we couldn’t finish the bottle, so we poured the leftovers into an old Nalgene I had floating around in my car. Then we picked our teeth with our toenails and boiled some roadkill in the bathtub because apparently we are the Clampetts.)

“Real” pumpkin pie

Pumpkins are out in full force at the farmers’ market, and Dave picked one up over the weekend and made it into pie. It requires a bit of work (you have to de-seed it, cook it, scrape out the flesh and then puree it), but it’s so light and creamy that it’s totally worth it. The pumpkin flavor is more subtle than pies that use the canned stuff, so I’d bet that even people who aren’t fans of traditional pumpkin pie would like this version. My coworkers said it’s the best pumpkin pie they’ve ever had. The recipe is here. (Note: The filling was super watery when we poured it into the crust. We baked it for several minutes longer than the recipe called for, and it was fine. I’d suggest maybe pressing the baked pumpkin flesh with a paper towel before mashing it to drain out any excess water.)

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