That reminds me, I’m also thankful for thongs

It’s finally fall, and it seems like every female blogger in the universe is all, “Pumpkins! Boots! Scarves!” I really want to resist hopping on that bandwagon, but the thing is, “Pumpkins! Boots! Scarves!” are such a nice relief from hot days and finding a way to walk to the copy machine in my un-air conditioned office without anybody seeing the super sexy sweat stain running down the back of my dress. (I finally figured out how: Don’t copy stuff from July-October.)

I love it dearly, but Pinterest has made the blogosphere’s annual fall-gasm even worse. I’m all for pumpkin patches and cider and hay rides, but some of the things people pin just make me shake my head. For example, the super-popular “Fall Bucket List” of all the autumnal activities you need to schedule into your life because otherwise you will not care enough to do them. Forget “Sip a pumpkin spice latte while wearing riding boots and getting lost in a corn maze,” my Fall Bucket List would consist of “Full body CT scan,” because this scenario basically assumes that I’m going to die as soon as fall is over. Actually, forget the scan — my death is more likely to be caused by a crazed driver speeding to Hobby Lobby for twinkle lights and evergreen boughs to stuff into mason jars (Genius!!!).

While I may not be into painstakingly scheduling my seasonal fun, I’m still a total dork about fall stuff. People were giving me dubious looks all day yesterday because was 80 degrees out and I was wearing boots. Also, I went crazy in the plastic leaves/gourds aisle at the Dollar Store last night and now it kind of looks like a scarecrow barfed all over the house.

I was actually going to buy more stuff, but this guy pushing a cart stuffed to the gills with many of the household chemicals required to cook meth was following me around creepily so I decided to get out of there.

And this weekend I plan to make these totally decadent pumpkin whoopie pies. The secret to a successful experience with these is to eat one or two yourself and then give the rest to friends or family. They’ll be all, “You’re the best!” without even realizing that really you just want their ass to get bigger instead of your own.

Eating these will clog your arteries and probably lead to an early death. Perfect for your Fall Bucket List!

And because my brain is too tired to finish this post, here is a picture of the cat enjoying the cooler weather:



One thought on “That reminds me, I’m also thankful for thongs

  1. SMcMullin

    Kitty! It’s still 90 in Houston. When we brought Dot home from the hospital on 11/22 we had to take her hospital hat off because she was sweaty. I hate this damn city.


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