This should be open, ’cause it’s civil rights

I just finished packing for a business trip to Baltimore (I leave at 4 a.m. tomorrow … yikes), and I thought I’d share with you some of my travel essentials:

1. Mini liquors: If I forget these, I will grip the armrests for the duration of the flight and ask my seatmates, “Did you hear that??” every five minutes.

Small enough to go through airport security, yet potent enough to get me buzzed.

2. In-flight snacks that won’t make the entire cabin smell like farts (I’ve read several posts recently on healthy living blogs about airplane snacks, and they all say to bring things like hard boiled eggs and tuna. Just … no.)

Luna bars, trail mix

3. Envelope for travel cash/receipts: It’s way better to look like a dork pulling out your giant envelope at every cash register than to spend hours when you get home sorting through a jumble of receipts in your purse and figuring out what cash is yours and what is your company’s.

Make it really easy on yourself and paperclip your receipts together in order — this will definitely save time if you have to fill out a travel expense record when you get back.

4. Bottle of the polish I’m wearing: It seems like I always chip my nails while wrangling my luggage through the airport. Before I started bringing extra polish for touch-ups, I would spend the entire trip trying to hide my nails from my colleagues. Everyone thought I was weird. Don’t be like me.

Important: Don’t get this mixed up with the booze.

5. Big scarf: Drape it over you if you’re cold; bunch it up and use it as a pillow if you’re sleepy; loop it around your neck and look super stylish upon arrival.

You can also cover your mouth and nose with it if your seatmate pulls out an egg salad sandwich mid-flight.

6. And finally, a sassy weekend bag: I’m a chronic over-packer, yet I fit all my clothes for the five-day trip plus a projector and speaker in that sucker.

Because checking luggage is for fools

What are your travel essentials?


4 thoughts on “This should be open, ’cause it’s civil rights

  1. SMcMullin

    You travel in those shoes?? I wouldn’t meet the President in heels. I am a wimp. My daughter, on the other hand, is currently wearing heels in her bed to sleep. Now THAT’S a woman.

    Travel essential: Every Apple product I own. If my kids start screaming and I can’t flick on a game or video, EVERYBODY HATES ME.


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