All I could say was hello

My Baltimore trip in (not-so-great phone) photos:

Clockwise from top left: Our hotel looked out over Camden Yards; my new favorite skirt; two ships in the harbor; Little Italy.

I also stumbled upon what may have been the best meal of my life at a fantastic restaurant called Charleston.

Shrimp and grits. Photo by Charleston Restaurant

That night was completely random and wonderful. It started when my boss and I got caught in a downpour while wandering around the city looking for dinner options. We wound up running into Charleston as a last resort – we had no idea it’s widely regarded as the best restaurant in Baltimore. They somehow agreed to seat us even though I looked like a street urchin in my jeans and flats when everyone else was in suits and cocktail attire. I had to pee really badly about halfway through dinner, but was too embarrassed to walk through the dining room to get to the restroom.

At around $150 for a three-course meal with wine pairings the bill definitely adds up quickly, but the food was so incredible that I’d probably go every couple of months if I lived nearby. For my three courses I chose a curried lobster soup, chanterelle mushrooms over a crispy grit cake with goat cheese cream, and grilled buffalo tenderloin with polenta, crispy shallots, and oyster mushrooms. For dessert, the chef sent out a selection of miniature macarons and chocolates. The guy at the table next to us spent the evening trying (very loudly) to impress his party with his extensive food knowledge, so it was a delight to hear the waiter correct him when he proclaimed his love of the subtle use of lavender in the “macaroons.” All that to say: If you like food and you find yourself in Baltimore, go to Charleston.

Much to my delight, I returned from my trip to find that cold, gray weather has settled over northern California. The mountains surrounding the town are dusted with snow, and I finally have an excuse to break out my scarves and boots. Speaking of boots, last year I bought these, and I find myself wanting to wear them every single day once the weather gets cold. I’ve been looking for a pair of flat-ish boots I can swap into the rotation, but can’t decide on which of these pairs I should get:

Option 1

Option 2

Option 3

Option 4

Sometimes when I’m online shopping the expanse of my options overwhelms me and I start to collect pages of links in my Google docs and visit them over and over like a creepy e-hoarder without actually buying anything because I DON’T WANT TO MAKE THE WRONG DECISION. Because purchasing a pair of boots is clearly a high-stakes situation. Somebody please just tell me which ones are the best in the comments so I can order them and get on with my life, is what I’m saying.

6 thoughts on “All I could say was hello

  1. SMcMullin

    Crap, those are all amazing. Maybe I’ll buy one of the pairs you skip even though I live in the devil’s armpit. My vote, after much consideration, is number three. The ankle and zipper won me over.

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