Back in college when my friends and I were all blogging maniacs, we used to participate in this thing called NaBloPoMo (short for National Blog Posting Month). Basically, you make a commitment to post on your blog every day for the month of November. I’ll be honest – I became kind of insufferable every time I participated. So much that this thing should really be called, “The reason Heather is a raging douchetroll from Halloween to Thanksgiving,” but I suspect TRHIARDFHTT wouldn’t fit on a button.


When I was still in school I had all the time in the world to write, and there were often months when I blogged every day. But as soon as NaBloPoMo would roll around, blogging would become a total chore and I’d whine about writer’s block up until 11:59 p.m. each night of the challenge. I think this is just intrinsic to my personality, because I’m still like this. I’ll spend my free time writing my little heart out, but then I’ll be handed an assignment at work. Suddenly everything I write is crap and I should send back my journalism degree and get a job at Taco Bell because I HATE ALL THE WORDS. I still can’t believe I worked at a newspaper for six years — clearly, I was a real treat when I was on deadline.

Boring story short, that’s why that little NaBloPoMo button recently appeared on my sidebar – I’m proving to myself that I can write on command without losing my shit. It’s also why my friends and family will be pretending to have plans every time I want to hang out from now until Dec. 1.

Up tomorrow: They’re here! See which boots I finally ended up ordering.

2 thoughts on “NaBloPoMo

  1. Emily West (@sparklemeetspop)

    Yay! Looking forward to reading, as always. I don’t know that I actually participated in that one, but I did do Holidailies once, and wrote some sappy thing about how posting every day/life is so hard, and some dude linked to it making fun of my and encouraging everyone else to do so as well. Perspective, I tell ya.


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