It’s day two of NaBloPoMo, and I’m already staying up way past my bedtime to get shit written. After getting home from work last night I briefly considered skipping my workout to blog, but writing a post about boots wouldn’t have done much for the war on outer thigh fat I’m currently waging. Damn that after-lunch cream puff. DAMN ALL THE CREAM PUFFS.

Anyway, boots: After weighing everyone’s input, I decided on the Steve Madden Inspirre in cognac:

If you’re looking for a flat-ish boot for this fall, you should definitely consider these. I don’t have the longest legs, so flat boots tend to make me look stumpy. These have just enough of a wedge to avoid stump-town, and I still feel like I’m walking in flats. Years of horseback riding has left me with fairly muscular (read: big-ass) calves, and the leg opening is wide enough that there’s even a few inches to spare around my calf when I wear these with jeans. As for size, these seem slightly large for a 7.5, but not much – they fit perfectly with thick socks. Plus, they go great with my desk:

Today I wore them with jeans and a striped blazer. In the next few weeks I plan to work them into some of the fall looks I’ve collected on Pinterest:


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