She calls it a ‘mayonegg’

I had New Years Day off for the first time in like five years, and I had planned to spend it taking down Christmas stuff and starting my 10k training program.

It didn’t really work out that way.

I blame my grandma, who bought me a Calphalon egg poaching pan for Christmas. Otherwise, I never would have gotten the idea to make eggs benedict for breakfast yesterday morning. I’ve never made eggs benedict myself before, and until yesterday I had no idea how much egg yolk and butter it takes to make hollandaise sauce. SO MUCH YOLK AND BUTTER. And as if the sauce wasn’t bad enough, we didn’t have any ham to place under the eggs. What we DID have was maple sausage, which took this breakfast from “totally unhealthy” to “must schedule a stent placement.”

The experience took me back to the time I was trying to decide if sitting through Transformers 3 would be worth it because of Patrick Dempsey. Because on the one hand, SWEET DELICIOUSNESS, and on the other hand, IT’S SO BAD YOUR HEART WILL PROBABLY EXPLODE. I took a picture of the final product with my phone, but when I went to upload it, it was gone. Clearly my phone is trying to save your arteries, because if you saw a picture you would immediately want to make some.

After that breakfast, I couldn’t move or eat anything until about 4 p.m.  Since the gym was closed for the holiday and it was already getting dark, I decided that my 10k training would start today, instead.

On the schedule for tonight is a 35-minute session: Run for 3 minutes, walk for 2 minutes (repeat 7 times). I like that this program has built-in walk breaks — thinking about running for miles and miles without stopping totally intimidates me. Even though I  feel like I probably won’t need to walk quite that much, I’m going to do today’s run as prescribed and see how it goes. Assuming I can find an open treadmill among the New Year’s resolution crowd at the gym.


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