Oh, Pinterest

I’m kind of obsessed with Pinterest, even though I’m sure that since its been around for more than a year all the cool kids have moved on to something new. About three months ago I got the idea to do a little round-up of the frequently-used pin captions that drive me crazy, so naturally I’m just now getting around to it. Maybe I need to make myself a spray-painted mason jar calendar so I can keep on top of these things. Anyway, here they are:

“Pin now, read later!”

What if I need to fight cramps naturally RIGHT NOW? Don’t tell me when to read my pins.


OMG genius! I’m sure Albert Einstein wishes he had thought up the towel rack pot lid holder instead of the dumb old theory of relativity.

The life story

Thanks, Nathaniel Hawthorne. I was looking for a narrative about you and your friend Elana's sandwich preferences and Easter traditions when I clicked on "Food & Drink"

Thanks, Nathaniel Hawthorne. I was hoping to find a narrative about your friend Elana’s family and your Easter traditions when I searched for Monte Cristo sandwich recipes.

The repeater


Why, why, why?

This post kind of makes me sound like a crotchety old lady. GET OFF MY LAWN, PINNERS.

Are there any Pinterest cliches that give you the sads?


14 thoughts on “Oh, Pinterest

    1. Jess

      Although Pinterest can certainly be nothing more than a great way to waste time, I’ve actually found a lot of really great ideas on there. I’ve made several of the recipes I’ve found, used how-tos from there and even bought a few things that I saw there first. Basically, it’s up to the user to have it be useful or not.


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