High Five for Friday

I’m so glad it’s finally Friday. And that there’s a half-full (look at me being all optimistic!) bottle of whiskey with my name on it at home.

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01.18.13 High Five for Friday

1. I remembered how much I like wearing my hair in a bun. Until I got a headache from the 20 bobby pins it took to keep my ends from poking out.

2. My January Birchbox loot. I never received my December Birchbox, even though the post office confirmed its delivery. I probably should have investigated, but that would have required talking to a stranger on the phone, which is just below root canals on my “things I like about life” list.

3. I ordered this sequined tank (and a few other things) from the J. Crew Factory site for only $14.99. I tried to click on the package tracking this morning and it said my tracking number is invalid. WHY ARE YOU TRYING TO RUIN MY LIFE, UPS?

4. This face.

5. A high temp that’s not in the 20s almost made me break out my shorts. It’s been so cold that my car has 6-inch icicles hanging from each bumper.


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