Glitter! Polka dots! Ryan Atwood!

Not only did I wake up this morning feeling totally non-sick, I found a couple of packages on my doorstep holding the contents of a spontaneous online shopping spree that a couple of Seven and Sevens convinced me was a really good idea.

(Tangent that will make you think less of me: The only reason I ever tried a Seven and Seven is because that’s what Ryan ordered on The OC when he was trying to be all “I’m so tough because I’m from Chino and wear crusty wifebeaters” in front of the Newport socialites. Turns out, they’re delicious. And also kind of a bitch drink, since it’s pretty much just a whiskey spritzer. No wonder you got beat up all the time, RYAN.)

In the first package was this polka-dot button-up from Forever 21:

No, I don’t plan to wear it with Catwoman’s pants.

I also got a bracelet and necklace from F21 that I predict will fall apart within a month or two, but that’s also why they were $8 combined and not being sold by Cartier. I also ordered some stuff from J.Crew Factory, which I’ll feature in a later post.

This morning I was feeling uninspired, so I just piled all my Forever 21 crap onto my body:



The best part about this shirt is that the metallic dots shed little bursts of glitter every time you brush up against something. Also, if you’re thinking about ordering it: It runs a little big. I usually order a medium in Forever 21 tops, but I could have easily gone down a size. As much as I’d like to credit my recent bout with the flu for taking me down an entire shirt size in three days, I’m going to bet that this particular style just runs a bit large.

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