I will give you 100 dollars to whistle right now

Dave was kind enough to offer to make a cheesecake for my recent party (cheesecakes are kind of his specialty), and he even let me pick which kind I wanted him to make. Naturally, I chose one I had pinned a while back and knew I lacked the patience to ever make myself. The lady actually tells you to allow two days to make it. TWO DAYS. Didn’t God supposedly create light and water in two days? Good thing this lady wasn’t in charge of making the world; all we’d have is one red velvet cheesecake and like, a puddle. Actually, that might be a world I want to live in.

Here’s the original pin:

The reason it takes two days to make is because you actually bake a red velvet cake from scratch and then crumble it up into the cheesecake batter. There were a whole bunch of steps that you can read about in the recipe over at Restless Chipotle. All I know is, he was up until about midnight the night before the party making this thing, and as somebody who watched TV on the couch while he slaved away in the kitchen, I think it was worth every minute. Seriously, the best cheesecake I’ve had.


And the final product:


To sum up: Make this right now.

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