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I’ve had better runs in my shorts

So, last night’s run was THE WORST EVER.

It actually started out fine – I chatted with a friend on the treadmill next to me for the first mile or so, and was totally impressed with myself for being able to (somewhat) carry on a conversation while running. And then I started to feel like shit. It was like I had never run before in my life – my legs felt like lead, it hurt to breathe, I was huffing and puffing even though I slowed to a pace nearly 30 seconds slower than I normally run. I quit after three miles, and was so mad at myself as I walked out to my car that I almost started crying. Then I called my mom and had this conversation, which  explains where I get my dramatic flair:

Me: Have you ever had a terrible run for no reason? I just did and I’m about to cry.

Her: Don’t feel bad. One time I actually sat down right on the dirty trail and told your dad I was never running again.

Me: We are lame.

I know every runner has bad days, but this was the first time I have literally felt like I could not run another step without collapsing. I’m still not sure if quitting was the right move … I know I can move my long run to Saturday and still get all my mileage in this week, but I feel like maybe I should have pushed myself through it. Has anyone else struggled with this? I’d love to hear what you do when you have a terrible run/workout.

This post is about blisters. Proceed at your own risk.

So I am supposed to run 6 miles after work today and I’m totally scared because I have this annoying blister on the inside of my right foot. And not like one of those dainty blisters you get from gardening or using your index finger to hit “play” a hundred times on a YouTube video of a teacup pig that thinks he’s a kitten (YOU’RE WELCOME). No, this blister is angry and red and roughly the size of Montana.

(I’m totally exaggerating. It’s only the size of Rhode Island.)

I didn’t have any trouble with blisters until my long runs started getting into the 5-mile range, when it became clear that a) I probably have gait issues and b) I need some shoes with more stability/padding. I wandered into a sports store a few weeks ago and started trying on a bunch of different running shoes when this Super! Enthusiastic! Employee! caught sight of me and immediately made it his life mission to get me to buy a pair of ASICS. Every time I walked toward the Nike or Brooks sections, he’d cut me off and wave an ASICS shoe in my face. And then I started to wonder what his deal was  … is his dad the ASICS CEO? Did he get caught in gunfire while holding a pair of ASICS that miraculously stopped a bullet from hitting his heart? Does he get a naked picture of Megan Fox for every pair of ASICS he sells?

After ordering me to run around the perimeter of the crowded store while he watched (every introvert’s dream) he announced that I am an overpronator, and might be prone to “discomfort” on the inside of my feet. To which I was like thanks for the heads up; care to see an oozing blister the size of Chaz Bono?

He suggested that I try the ASICS Gel Kayano 18:


As soon as I put these on I realized why this guy had such a hard-on for ASICS. These shoes are seriously the most comfortable things I have ever put on my feet. They’re not the cheapest option – they were I think $116 in the store I was in – but a quick Google search on my phone revealed that I could easily find a pair in the $90 range online. When I got home and was talking to Dave about it, he realized he could get me a 25% discount if I ordered them through his work, so I wound up getting a fairly good deal. The only problem now is that THEY ARE NOT SHIPPING FAST ENOUGH.

I’m considering sending UPS a picture of my blister to see if that speeds things up.

No Englishman would dream of dying in someone else’s house

Me: I have nothing to blog about.

Dave: You could write about the fabric headboard we made this weekend. Or your guacamole recipe that you keep saying you want to post. Or how you just discovered Downton Abbey. Or-


The fact is, I could tell you about how I’m now one of those insufferable people you’re friends with on Facebook who is all OMG I ❤ DOWNTON ABBEY!!1!1! every five seconds, and how I cry during almost every episode, and how Dave insists on saying Master Bates instead of Mr Bates, but in my super tired state I can’t really think of much to say beyond that. Except that Dame Maggie Smith is The Shit and I want to be her when I grow up.

Especially if it means I get to kiss Ron Weasley:


I’m only about halfway through the first season, so I’m trying really hard to avoid finding out what the big twist was at the end of the last episode that has everybody freaking out. My Google Reader is spiraling out of control because of all the posts labeled DOWNTON ABBEY SPOILER ALERT that I can’t mark  as read because I’ll want to read them once I’m caught up, but at the same time I want to mark them as read because I feel twitchy and anxious when I have lots of unread content in my reader. PROBLEMS. I HAVE THEM.

Obviously the most responsible course of action is to call in sick for the rest of the week so I can get caught up.

What about you … do you watch Downton Abbey? Are you as jealous as I am of Dame Smith getting to expecto Rupert’s patronum in that photo up there?

Bring on the tanning lotion, I now own a running skirt

Last week I decided to purchase this running skirt from Costco:


I’m not sure why, since it’s the middle of winter and my skin is so white I look like Powder’s twin sister.

Oh hey, cultural reference from 1995.

Speaking of 1995, check out this picture my mom felt the need to scan into Facebook a while back:


A) I think it’s pretty impressive that our clothes are upstaging a Natural Wonder of the World.

B) I remember being super upset when this picture was taken because I left my Pogs on the picnic table back at the campsite and I was worried a squirrel might run off with my Lion King slammer. (The squirrels did not take my slammer. One did bite my cousin though, so the squirrels are not completely blameless in this story.)

ANYWAY, about this running skirt. My legs aren’t very long, so I think it would be more flattering on me if it were a tiny bit shorter. However, it is nice that it’s long enough that you don’t worry about whether passersby can compare notes with your gynecologist. It’s also super comfortable – I ran 5 miles in it on Saturday and the under-shorts didn’t ride up at all. Please ignore the big ass sweat stain on my chest; I of course did not remember to take the picture BEFORE my run:

02.23.13 Running skirt

Maybe the BEST thing about this skirt is that it’s only $10. Imagine the bike shorts and tie dye tank tops you could buy with all the money you’re saving!

High Five for Friday

Linking up with Lauren at From My Grey Desk:

02.22.13 HF4F

1. Today is my sister Kristin’s 30th birthday!


3. Hibiscus vodka. Add to juice, repeat.

4. More loot from my Colorado shopping spree.

5. Initial necklace from The Dedication Company’s Etsy shop

Workin’ on my night cheese

My mom, sister and I did quite a bit of shopping while we were in Colorado. The good news? I now own every item currently on sale at Anthropologie. The less good news? My bank account.

02.21.13 Outfit

Today I am wearing:

Anthropologie Painterly Pencil Skirt

Audrey Brooke Higrade boots in cognac (currently out of stock), similar

H&M cardigan

Gap chambray shirt (old), similar

The skirt is a slightly stretchy corduroy, which is perfect since my work is hosting a wine and cheese mixer tonight and I plan to eat my weight in Dubliner. It should surprise nobody to learn that “expands to accommodate cheese consumption” is high on my list of requirements when purchasing garments. Which is why I will never own leather pants.

I also bought the Lacy Hooded Peplum Pullover in cream from Anthropologie, which you can see in action in this post.

While I was at it, I went ahead and purchased a polka dot teacup at Anthro because I am the type of person who buys breakable items on vacation without thinking through how I’ll get them home. But look how cute!

02.21.13 Mug

That John Denver’s full of shit, man

02.19.13 Colorado Springs

It is a testament to the cuteness of my nephew that I was willing to drive four hours to the nearest non-tiny airport Friday night, sleep for fewer than four hours and then board a plane before 6 a.m. to fly to Colorado for the weekend. But seriously, look at this face:


Yeah, he has his own rock climbing harness. Apparently you can’t live in Colorado Springs without owning climbing gear, driving a Subaru and bragging about your low gas prices to your relatives visiting from California.

Aside from paying less than $4 a gallon for gas, the best part of our trip was going to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo. Pretty much all zoos are cool, but this one lets you feed and pet the giraffes, which is pretty great once you get over the initial shock that the “giraffe food” you paid actual money for on top of your admission fee is a handful of romaine lettuce that you could have smuggled in your purse for free if you had known that giraffes are strict followers of the LeAnn Rimes diet.

02.19.13 Giraffe

Will this lettuce make my neck look fat?

We also saw bears, a mountain lion, zebras, a snow leopard, chimpanzees, orangutans, and a meerkat that I seriously considered grabbing and stuffing into my purse to take home with me, but since I had just used my last low-grade animal tranquilizer on the guy next to me narrating his zoo experience to somebody via Bluetooth, I decided against it.

The rest of my family is staying the entire week, so now I’m getting texts at work every few hours with photos of all the fun they’re having without me. THANKS GUYS.