I mentioned in yesterday’s post that Sunday night I was up until the obscenely late hour of OMG MIDNIGHT, and this is where I complain about getting old because College Heather? She could stay up until 3 a.m. partying with friends playing Bedazzled alone in the dark and still get up for 8 a.m. classes.

Twenty-eight year old Heather got six hours of sleep last night and almost walked out the front door to go to work without shoes on. This is why I’m not in the CIA: All you need to do to torture classified information out of me is to keep me up past 9:30 p.m.

I spent all afternoon being generally insufferable and talking myself in and out of the four-mile run I had planned after work.

“You’ll feel so much better if you just push yourself and do it!”

“But I could be lounging in my pajamas by 5:15 if I skip it.”

“How will you ever run a half marathon if you can’t push yourself when you’re tired?”


So I compromised by running the four miles and then drinking a beer in my pajamas. And before you judge me, let me share a quote from an article I found in Runner’s World about how you can totally drink beer without hurting your running:

“Beer, like red wine, does provide some health benefits. The malt and hops used to make dark beers contain flavonoids, the same heart-healthy compounds in vegetables and wine that counter cell damage, thus reducing your risk of heart disease and cancer. Beer also contains B vitamins and chromium, which aid in converting carbohydrates to energy.”

I think what this is saying is that dark beer = vegetables.

The main reason I actually followed through on my run is that I wanted to wear my new shoes. I wandered into a Sports Authority on Sunday and discovered that they’re planning to stop carrying Reebok products, so they’re all on mega-sale right now. I’ve been wanting to try out the Zigtechs so I looked around for some in my size but couldn’t find any. And then I saw a table of kids shoes, shoved a few middle schoolers aside and found a kids pair that fit. And that’s how I scored these $80 shoes for $29.95:

02.12.13 Shoes


6 thoughts on “Compromise

  1. timsrunningreviews

    Beer has become a staple in my long runs. I drank my first beer while running at the Detroit marathon and it made me feel like Superman. I drank a beer every 10 miles during my training for my 50 miler last summer and had 3 beers during that race. I don’t drink it to get a buzz, but for it’s nutritional benefits.

    As far as the shoes go, I would strongly consider taking them back, or using them for casual use rather than running. I work at Sports Authority, and there is definite reason why we discontinued the Reebok shoes. They are garbage. Sorry to say it, but they will not treat your body well if you continue to run in them. If you plan on running injury-free, you will want some real running shoes. The runners I know that have used them (including many customers) always battled injury. Yes, they probably feel good when you put them on, but function horribly while running. If you like the flex, you may want to look into the New Balance Minimus, or the Brooks Pure Connect. For your own good I would stay away from shoes like these and the Nike Free. They are built for fashion, not function. Looking “cute” while running will only get you a date with an x-ray technician. I hope for your sake you listen to this.

    1. heatherhomefaker Post author

      Oh wow, thanks for your input … I tried on and really liked the ASICS Kayano 18, but they were pretty pricey so I was hoping to find them on sale somewhere. Do you know anything about those??


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