That John Denver’s full of shit, man

02.19.13 Colorado Springs

It is a testament to the cuteness of my nephew that I was willing to drive four hours to the nearest non-tiny airport Friday night, sleep for fewer than four hours and then board a plane before 6 a.m. to fly to Colorado for the weekend. But seriously, look at this face:


Yeah, he has his own rock climbing harness. Apparently you can’t live in Colorado Springs without owning climbing gear, driving a Subaru and bragging about your low gas prices to your relatives visiting from California.

Aside from paying less than $4 a gallon for gas, the best part of our trip was going to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo. Pretty much all zoos are cool, but this one lets you feed and pet the giraffes, which is pretty great once you get over the initial shock that the “giraffe food” you paid actual money for on top of your admission fee is a handful of romaine lettuce that you could have smuggled in your purse for free if you had known that giraffes are strict followers of the LeAnn Rimes diet.

02.19.13 Giraffe

Will this lettuce make my neck look fat?

We also saw bears, a mountain lion, zebras, a snow leopard, chimpanzees, orangutans, and a meerkat that I seriously considered grabbing and stuffing into my purse to take home with me, but since I had just used my last low-grade animal tranquilizer on the guy next to me narrating his zoo experience to somebody via Bluetooth, I decided against it.

The rest of my family is staying the entire week, so now I’m getting texts at work every few hours with photos of all the fun they’re having without me. THANKS GUYS.

6 thoughts on “That John Denver’s full of shit, man

  1. hrosez

    Very cute! Yeah, I’ve visited a few zoos, and I’ve realized feeding the giraffes isn’t really worth it. It’s fun to see other people pay and feed them though!

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