Bring on the tanning lotion, I now own a running skirt

Last week I decided to purchase this running skirt from Costco:


I’m not sure why, since it’s the middle of winter and my skin is so white I look like Powder’s twin sister.

Oh hey, cultural reference from 1995.

Speaking of 1995, check out this picture my mom felt the need to scan into Facebook a while back:


A) I think it’s pretty impressive that our clothes are upstaging a Natural Wonder of the World.

B) I remember being super upset when this picture was taken because I left my Pogs on the picnic table back at the campsite and I was worried a squirrel might run off with my Lion King slammer. (The squirrels did not take my slammer. One did bite my cousin though, so the squirrels are not completely blameless in this story.)

ANYWAY, about this running skirt. My legs aren’t very long, so I think it would be more flattering on me if it were a tiny bit shorter. However, it is nice that it’s long enough that you don’t worry about whether passersby can compare notes with your gynecologist. It’s also super comfortable – I ran 5 miles in it on Saturday and the under-shorts didn’t ride up at all. Please ignore the big ass sweat stain on my chest; I of course did not remember to take the picture BEFORE my run:

02.23.13 Running skirt

Maybe the BEST thing about this skirt is that it’s only $10. Imagine the bike shorts and tie dye tank tops you could buy with all the money you’re saving!

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