This post is about blisters. Proceed at your own risk.

So I am supposed to run 6 miles after work today and I’m totally scared because I have this annoying blister on the inside of my right foot. And not like one of those dainty blisters you get from gardening or using your index finger to hit “play” a hundred times on a YouTube video of a teacup pig that thinks he’s a kitten (YOU’RE WELCOME). No, this blister is angry and red and roughly the size of Montana.

(I’m totally exaggerating. It’s only the size of Rhode Island.)

I didn’t have any trouble with blisters until my long runs started getting into the 5-mile range, when it became clear that a) I probably have gait issues and b) I need some shoes with more stability/padding. I wandered into a sports store a few weeks ago and started trying on a bunch of different running shoes when this Super! Enthusiastic! Employee! caught sight of me and immediately made it his life mission to get me to buy a pair of ASICS. Every time I walked toward the Nike or Brooks sections, he’d cut me off and wave an ASICS shoe in my face. And then I started to wonder what his deal was  … is his dad the ASICS CEO? Did he get caught in gunfire while holding a pair of ASICS that miraculously stopped a bullet from hitting his heart? Does he get a naked picture of Megan Fox for every pair of ASICS he sells?

After ordering me to run around the perimeter of the crowded store while he watched (every introvert’s dream) he announced that I am an overpronator, and might be prone to “discomfort” on the inside of my feet. To which I was like thanks for the heads up; care to see an oozing blister the size of Chaz Bono?

He suggested that I try the ASICS Gel Kayano 18:


As soon as I put these on I realized why this guy had such a hard-on for ASICS. These shoes are seriously the most comfortable things I have ever put on my feet. They’re not the cheapest option – they were I think $116 in the store I was in – but a quick Google search on my phone revealed that I could easily find a pair in the $90 range online. When I got home and was talking to Dave about it, he realized he could get me a 25% discount if I ordered them through his work, so I wound up getting a fairly good deal. The only problem now is that THEY ARE NOT SHIPPING FAST ENOUGH.

I’m considering sending UPS a picture of my blister to see if that speeds things up.

5 thoughts on “This post is about blisters. Proceed at your own risk.

  1. The Cookie ChRUNicles

    I love my asics! I am a princess when it come to my sneakers -some models of asics work, some are “not right” and just when I get it “right”, they go and change my model on me and I start all over again lol…Good luck running with the blister, that is so so annoying. Hopefully your shoes come fast!


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