I’ve had better runs in my shorts

So, last night’s run was THE WORST EVER.

It actually started out fine – I chatted with a friend on the treadmill next to me for the first mile or so, and was totally impressed with myself for being able to (somewhat) carry on a conversation while running. And then I started to feel like shit. It was like I had never run before in my life – my legs felt like lead, it hurt to breathe, I was huffing and puffing even though I slowed to a pace nearly 30 seconds slower than I normally run. I quit after three miles, and was so mad at myself as I walked out to my car that I almost started crying. Then I called my mom and had this conversation, which  explains where I get my dramatic flair:

Me: Have you ever had a terrible run for no reason? I just did and I’m about to cry.

Her: Don’t feel bad. One time I actually sat down right on the dirty trail and told your dad I was never running again.

Me: We are lame.

I know every runner has bad days, but this was the first time I have literally felt like I could not run another step without collapsing. I’m still not sure if quitting was the right move … I know I can move my long run to Saturday and still get all my mileage in this week, but I feel like maybe I should have pushed myself through it. Has anyone else struggled with this? I’d love to hear what you do when you have a terrible run/workout.

6 thoughts on “I’ve had better runs in my shorts

  1. lorlhart

    I have had this happen on more than one occasion. The first couple times, I also gave up, but I soon realized that I could make it. So I would slow to a walk, cool down a little, and find new music. It never took long for a song with a good beat to come on and I would feel my legs itching to run again and I would take off. That’s my suggestion: don’t stop, just slow down a little.


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