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Home again, home again


I had the best weekend in Colorado, and plan to write all about my trip once I stop feeling like my life is unraveling. Every time I return from a trip I tell myself that next time I travel I’ll allow a day in between coming home and going back to work. Do I ever actually do this? Of course not. I returned home last night, went straight to bed, and got up this morning in just enough time to shower and make it to work. Meaning that my bags are not unpacked, my makeup is still in a TSA-mandated Ziplock, and my purse weighs 10 lbs because it’s still filled with the books and magazines I read on the plane.

I need help.

High Five for Friday: Valentine Edition

Linking up with Lauren at From My Grey Desk!

My High Five for Friday post today turned out to be kind of gushy, so I figured I’d go all out and make it over the top Valentine-y.



1. A sweet Valentine from my sister


2. Double dots


3. I’m heading to Colorado for the long weekend to celebrate my sister’s 30th birthday. This picture is a pretty accurate representation of our relationship today. I’m glad to say our hairstyles, on the other hand, no longer suck.


4. Valentine’s Day cake pops.


5. I never really wrote about it here, but a few months ago Dave and I split up after three years together. We remained friends, obviously, since I still referenced him on the blog from time to time. But it still really sucked. This week we decided that the whole split thing was dumb, and we are now … un-split. I don’t pretend to know a lot about relationships, but I do know that if there is a person in your life who will not only watch Toddlers & Tiaras with you, but make a game out of pausing it on the most unflattering shots of the moms as they mime their child’s dance routine, you should stay with that person.

Versatile Blogger Award

So yesterday I found out that Claire over at The Frenetic Mrs Fox nominated me for the Versatile Blogger award!

Thank you so much, Claire. This is even better than the time I was given the Best Dressed award at the end of my soccer season even though we all wore the same uniforms.

I was pretty bad.

Before I get to the award, let me tell you some reasons you should check out Claire’s blog:

– She is British, which automatically makes her cooler than you. Unless you’re also British, in which case she may or may not be cooler than you, but you’re both definitely cooler than I am.

– She is funny and a good writer and there’s a really cute fox on her blog header.

– Go there now.

The Rules for the Versatile Blogger

  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you and include a link to their site.
  2. Add the Versatile Blogger Award picture to your blog post.
  3. Share 7 random facts about you
  4. Nominate 7 fellow bloggers that you’ve recently discovered or follow regularly and include a link to their site.
  5. Let them know you have nominated them

So, seven random facts about myself. I’m relieved it doesn’t specify that these facts should be interesting.

1. My first word was “jerk” when my mom slammed on her brakes after getting cut off in traffic.

2. I used to be in love with JTT. You can read about the time I sent him a letter pretending to be a Seventeen magazine model here.

3. I’d love to live in another country someday because I don’t really like ‘Merica very  much.

4. I grew up riding horses, and competed in some pretty big shows throughout high school.

5. My left knee has been numb since 2001, thanks to a horseback riding accident. Whoops.

6. I’m a hypochondriac (see this post for proof).

7. I grew up HATING my freckles, and begged my parents to let me have them removed with a laser. I’m glad they ignored me, because now I like them.

So uh, seven bloggers to nominate … I’m going to just do a couple, since I just nominated people for the Sunshine Award and I don’t want to become the Internet creeper who is all “I nominated you for an award!” every other day.

Emily @ Sparkle Meets Pop. Emily and I were college roommates, and she is one of the reasons I started blogging way back in 2005. Her life and style blog makes me want to dust off the Cheez-It crumbs and become a more polished person.

Sarah McMullin because her pictures and stories about her two crazy kids are hilarious and I’m hoping if I nominate her she will update her blog because it’s been since Thanksgiving. (I can say this about her since we’re friends IRL.)


I mentioned in yesterday’s post that Sunday night I was up until the obscenely late hour of OMG MIDNIGHT, and this is where I complain about getting old because College Heather? She could stay up until 3 a.m. partying with friends playing Bedazzled alone in the dark and still get up for 8 a.m. classes.

Twenty-eight year old Heather got six hours of sleep last night and almost walked out the front door to go to work without shoes on. This is why I’m not in the CIA: All you need to do to torture classified information out of me is to keep me up past 9:30 p.m.

I spent all afternoon being generally insufferable and talking myself in and out of the four-mile run I had planned after work.

“You’ll feel so much better if you just push yourself and do it!”

“But I could be lounging in my pajamas by 5:15 if I skip it.”

“How will you ever run a half marathon if you can’t push yourself when you’re tired?”


So I compromised by running the four miles and then drinking a beer in my pajamas. And before you judge me, let me share a quote from an article I found in Runner’s World about how you can totally drink beer without hurting your running:

“Beer, like red wine, does provide some health benefits. The malt and hops used to make dark beers contain flavonoids, the same heart-healthy compounds in vegetables and wine that counter cell damage, thus reducing your risk of heart disease and cancer. Beer also contains B vitamins and chromium, which aid in converting carbohydrates to energy.”

I think what this is saying is that dark beer = vegetables.

The main reason I actually followed through on my run is that I wanted to wear my new shoes. I wandered into a Sports Authority on Sunday and discovered that they’re planning to stop carrying Reebok products, so they’re all on mega-sale right now. I’ve been wanting to try out the Zigtechs so I looked around for some in my size but couldn’t find any. And then I saw a table of kids shoes, shoved a few middle schoolers aside and found a kids pair that fit. And that’s how I scored these $80 shoes for $29.95:

02.12.13 Shoes

Weekend Photos

On Sunday I drove down to hang out with my mom for the afternoon before heading to the Mamma Mia sing-along. Luckily, the sun was shining and I got to enjoy this gorgeous view of Mt. Shasta for the first half hour of my drive:

02.11.13 Mt Shasta

Sorry, dude in the Kia I almost forced off the road while I was taking this.

The sing-along was held at the Cascade Theater in Redding, CA. When I was a kid the Cascade was pretty run-down and housed a seedy dollar movie theater, but a few years ago it was restored to its former Art Deco glory:

02.11.13 Cascade

Pretty cool, right?

My mom and I before the show:

02.11.13 Me and Mom

We took about 75 pictures with my phone, and believe it or not, this was the best one. SOMEBODY needs a real camera real soon.

The sing-along didn’t get over until around 10 and I didn’t get home until close to midnight, a good three hours past when I normally pass out on the couch. My coworkers are in for a good time today.

High Five for Friday

1. I took my first Zumba class last night. It was pretty fun, apart from the fact that everyone else there danced like Beyonce while I fumbled around and generally looked like Sally O’Malley:


2. Finding out I get to stay at a pretty cool-looking hotel for an upcoming work trip to Chicago:


3. Scouring Etsy for valentines all week. Some of my favorites (click the image to go to the shop):





(You’re welcome, Love Actually/Walking Dead fans.)

4. Avocados were on sale for 88 cents this week. I’m putting guacamole on everything, and it is the best.

5. This technically hasn’t happened yet, but I’ve been so excited for it all week that I’m putting it here anyway: My mom and I are going to a Mamma Mia sing-along on Sunday. I’ve been practicing my Pierce Brosnan singing faces all week:


Link up with Lauren @ From My Grey Desk for your High Five for Friday post!


Simple Braided Headband

I have like 50 pounds of thick, wavy hair on my head. And I don’t mean hot, Gisele wavy. More like Hermione Granger wavy. It mostly behaves when I blow it out and straighten it, so that’s how I wear it almost every day.

Sometimes I get tired of the long and straight look, but don’t want to take the 45 minutes (seriously) to curl it. When that happens, I usually do this simple braided headband. (Please know that I’m aware of and embarrassed by the quality of my photos. I plan to use my tax return to invest in a DSLR instead of put it in my savings account like a responsible adult.)

Simple braided headband

What you’ll need:

Clear elastic

A few bobby pins


Step 1: Section out a portion of hair from behind your ear and braid it all the way to the end, securing with the elastic.

Step one

Step 2: Pull the braid up and over your head like a headband. Note: It is crucial that you look like you’re falling asleep when you complete this step.

Step 2

Step 3. Secure the end of the braid with bobby pins. Make sure you pick up the top layer of hair and pin the braid underneath it so you’ll have hair to cover the pins.

Step 3

Step 4: Mist with hairspray. I use Elnett and it is glorious.


Sometimes I’ll add a bobby pin to the base of the braid if I feel like it’s sticking out. You can go really crazy and do a braid on each side for a double-braided headband, too.

That tax return can’t come soon enough.