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Best (healthy) lunch ever

A few healthy living bloggers I follow rave about Wasa crackers, so I decided to give them a try today. Apparently they’re from Sweden, and they are low fat, high fiber, and made with whole grains.. I decided to top my crackers with Laughing Cow cheese, avocado, and turkey, and it was so delicious:

03.30.13 Wasa

I used the Light Garlic and Herb flavor of Laughing Cow and this fantastic sundried tomato turkey breast I get sliced fresh in the deli department at Raley’s. If you have a Raley’s in your neighborhood, it is in your best interest to stop what you’re doing right now and go buy some.

Three of these were very filling and added up to about 350 calories. Which means I can eat more Cadbury Creme Eggs and not feel bad about it.

High Five for Friday

03.29.13 High Five for friday

1. It’s finally warm enough for bare ankles!

2. A wine bar recently opened down the street from my work. My heart is glad. My liver, not so much.

3. Lemon Vitamin Water Zero and a 100-calorie popcorn pack = my favorite snack.

4. I am celebrating the hell out of Cadbury Creme Egg season.

5. Haircut!
 photo H54Fbutton-triangle_zps678b65ba.jpg

Yo quiero angioplasty surgery

Screen Shot 2013-03-27 at 8.16.19 PM

I was going to make those vegetarian tacos up there for dinner last night, but after a long day at work I really didn’t feel like cooking anything. So I asked myself, “What’s the next best thing to tacos stuffed with roasted poblano chiles, corn, potatoes, avocado, and creme fraiche?”

And my brain was all, “TACO BELL.”

I know, I’m disgusting.

I think I suffer from Taco Bell-related amnesia, to be honest. I rarely eat fast food, so occasionally my brain will short circuit and be like YOU NEED A CHALUPA and I’m all GOOD IDEA, ME. And then an hour later I am clutching a bottle of Tums in my sweaty hands and wondering whether my cause of death will be nacho cheese-clogged arteries or debilitating shame.

I made myself a little photographic reminder that I’m thinking of printing out and sticking on the refrigerator so I can reference it the next time I think Taco Bell is a good idea:

03.27.13 Before the bell

03.27.13 Taco Bell After

It probably didn’t help that I chased my Chalupa with a Cadbury Creme Egg, but I will never denounce my love for Cadbury products. They only come out at Easter, so I’m pretty sure it makes Jesus sad if you don’t eat at least one creme egg a year.


Told ya.

Hair: Before and After

I was walking back from the salon yesterday, and that involved going past the county courthouse. I was trying to decide how I felt about my new look, when a greasy dirtbag walking down the courthouse steps (lawyer in tow), yelled over to me, “Nice hair!”

I yelled back, “thanks,” and then he informed me that my outfit would look better without my boots.

Thanks for the fashion advice, guy wearing a dirty Metallica shirt to court.

Here are the before/after shots:

03.27.13 Hair before and after

I think I like it. It’s certainly nice to only spend 10 minutes blow drying it instead of close to 20. My hair is naturally wavy, so I want to play around with my Oscar Blandi texture and volume spray to see if I can make it look a little more like my inspiration photo. Hopefully my courthouse fashionista friend would approve.

Making the cut

03.26.13 Hair before

I’m getting my hair cut this afternoon, and I’m really excited about it. As you can see up there, my hair is pretty long, and I’ve been mustering up the courage to make a big chop for a while now. I finally decided to go for it when I saw this inspiration photo on Pinterest:

Joking. And I will totally eat my hat if that guy does not have a monster truck tattooed somewhere on his body.

After spending way too much time looking at shoulder-length hair on Pinterest, I finally decided on the following Reese Witherspoon look to show my stylist:

I should note that Dave was a huge help during this process.

Me: I can’t decide how to cut my hair.

Dave: Do it like Megan Fox’s.

Me: You realize this cut does not come with a face transplant and liposuction, right? And that she was in Michael Bay movies WILLINGLY?

I’ll post pictures tomorrow (if I don’t hate it).

8 Miles

Sunday morning I resisted the urge to stay in bed watching The Walking Dead all day and embarked on an 8-mile run – my longest yet.

Ironically, I am now walking around like a zombie.

I planned my run using DailyMile’s route mapping feature, and while I got to enjoy some beautiful early spring scenery, I failed to take into account how hilly certain neighborhoods are. A group of kids heard a fairly comprehensive lexicon of four-letter words when I ran by their hula hoop contest near the top of a half-mile long hill around mile 6.

Sorry, kids. Don’t be like me.

I was bummed that my phone wouldn’t fit in the pocket of my running tights, because I really wanted to take pictures as I was running around the local reservoir. Luckily, my friends wanted to go on a walk there later in the day, so I joined them for a slow 2-mile stroll and took some pictures:

03.24.13 Run

And now I have to hobble off to work. Damn hills.