High Five for Friday!

I’ve been sick, stressed, and sick some more this week (hence the lack of posting), so I’m extra glad that today is Friday. I plan to spend the entire weekend in bed with Netflix.

03.08.13 H54F-1

1. You, too, can have a stripper pole in your home for just $69.95. (Please note that I blurred out the naked lady on the poster to the left of my pole. You’re welcome, grandma.)

2. I FINALLY found tahini in a local grocery store, meaning I can stop using almond butter to make my hummus. There are many lovely things about living in a small town, but the selection at the grocery store is not one of them.

3. Every spring, the local feed stores get hundreds of baby chicks that they let you hold. Cradling a baby chick while shopping would be one of the lovely things about living in a small town.

4. Avocado eggs benedict = best breakfast ever. I like to save myself a few (hundred) calories by poaching only the whites.

5. Oh, Walmart.

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5 thoughts on “High Five for Friday!

  1. Lori

    Can I confess that I think it would be kind of fun to learn a pole routine? Not naked, of course. You’re welcome!


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