Hillbilly Glassware

Are you a backwoods gal looking for a more refined way to imbibe your Keystone Light? Do you routinely host black bolo tie dinner parties in your double-wide?

Have I got the product line for you!

Hillbilly glassware

We were browsing around the grange co-op the other day when we discovered the delightful inventions pictured above.

Right now you’re probably judging me for shopping at the grange co-op. In my defense, are YOU able to buy shoes, ranch equipment, and fine tableware all in one convenient location? That’s what I thought.

So yeah, I was maneuvering between a tub full of live baby chicks and a rack of bling-ass jeans when these babies caught my eye. I’ve been looking for ways to class up my lifestyle, and these definitely beat drinking my evening wine out of a coffee mug. The mason jar model even comes with a screw-on lid, which takes all the guesswork out of deciding whether you want to bring your half-empty drink along on your late-night Taco Bell run.*

“But Heather!” You are surely thinking to yourself right now. “My city does not have a grange co op! Am I destined to drink from boring old normal wine glasses for the rest of my days?”

I’ve got your back. Not only can you buy the original Rednek wine glass right here, you can also choose from the Rednek Red Party Cup or even the Rednek Rita Glass. Dave’s birthday was yesterday, so we may or may not now own all three. Like my mom always said, we have tons of class – it’s just all low.

*Totally joking, officer.

11 thoughts on “Hillbilly Glassware

  1. Closet Strategy

    Wow! The stemmed Solo cup is just breathtaking.

    Seriously, I might have to get some of those for outdoor parties. I have a friend who hosts an annual outdoor wine tasting event and I think they would be just perfect for her. She’s always running out of glasses for the party…

  2. caitlin cadaret

    I’m with you Heather. My mother got me the mason jar ones when I moved out. I pull them out for special occasions!

  3. Audrey

    The red solo cup is hilarious! I’ve seen the mason jar glasses… Possibly incorporating them in our wedding… But I’m not sure if I wanna go there!


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