8 Miles

Sunday morning I resisted the urge to stay in bed watching The Walking Dead all day and embarked on an 8-mile run – my longest yet.

Ironically, I am now walking around like a zombie.

I planned my run using DailyMile’s route mapping feature, and while I got to enjoy some beautiful early spring scenery, I failed to take into account how hilly certain neighborhoods are. A group of kids heard a fairly comprehensive lexicon of four-letter words when I ran by their hula hoop contest near the top of a half-mile long hill around mile 6.

Sorry, kids. Don’t be like me.

I was bummed that my phone wouldn’t fit in the pocket of my running tights, because I really wanted to take pictures as I was running around the local reservoir. Luckily, my friends wanted to go on a walk there later in the day, so I joined them for a slow 2-mile stroll and took some pictures:

03.24.13 Run

And now I have to hobble off to work. Damn hills.

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