Making the cut

03.26.13 Hair before

I’m getting my hair cut this afternoon, and I’m really excited about it. As you can see up there, my hair is pretty long, and I’ve been mustering up the courage to make a big chop for a while now. I finally decided to go for it when I saw this inspiration photo on Pinterest:

Joking. And I will totally eat my hat if that guy does not have a monster truck tattooed somewhere on his body.

After spending way too much time looking at shoulder-length hair on Pinterest, I finally decided on the following Reese Witherspoon look to show my stylist:

I should note that Dave was a huge help during this process.

Me: I can’t decide how to cut my hair.

Dave: Do it like Megan Fox’s.

Me: You realize this cut does not come with a face transplant and liposuction, right? And that she was in Michael Bay movies WILLINGLY?

I’ll post pictures tomorrow (if I don’t hate it).

8 thoughts on “Making the cut

  1. Sam

    I think Reese’s layered style will look wonderful on you. (I just realized that Reese Witherspoon is spelled the same as Reese’s Cups – I’m not sure why they are pronounced differently with the same spelling – that’s English for you.) I had to laugh a the Megan Fox comment. It’s always so nerve wracking getting a new hair cut, but I think layers will look good with your face shape. Good luck!

  2. Closet Strategy

    Looks like you’ve got the right texture for Reese’s layered cut. And it’s still long enough to pull back in a ponytail (that’s what I think about anytime I’m considering a new style). I think it will look great!

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