Pants party

So, I went a little crazy at Target on Saturday. After discovering that somebody stole a bunch of stuff out of my storage unit, I got really upset and decided to do some anger shopping.

Yes, anger shopping. Some people go to therapy to cope with their rage issues, I spend money on clothes. It’s totally healthy.

Target has a ton of printed pants right now, which is a trend I’ve been hesitant to try, on account of my ass looks big enough in solid colors. I decided to just go for it, and came home with a pair in a mint, light pink, and gray pattern. I wore them to work yesterday, and about mid-morning my boss came over to my desk and asked me about a project I was working on. When I got up to show him what I’ve been doing, he busted out laughing.

I told him he better not be laughing at my pants, and he informed me they look like camouflage for city girls. I don’t think they’re that bad:

04.03.13 Pants 1

04.03.13 Pants 2

But I kind of see his point.


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