april 4

1. Not having a proper blog post prepared.

2. Event planning. Looking to shave 10 years off your life? Try and communicate your specific meeting room needs to a hotel staff person 2,000 miles away. There are stick figure drawings being faxed back and forth.

3. Receiving disc 1 of Downton Abbey Season 2 from Netflix and realizing there are only THREE EPISODES per disc. Why do you hate me, PBS?

4. The amount of crap email in my Gmail inbox. STOP TRYING TO MAKE THE DISNEY DEBIT CARD HAPPEN, CHASE BANK.

5. The 9-mile run I have planned for Saturday. And knowing it’s still 5 miles shorter than I’ll be running in June. Lord, beer me strength.

6. Learning to use Adobe Illustrator for a work project. It took me 10 minutes and a Yahoo forum to figure out how to crop an object. Would it be that hard to just make a simple crop tool, ADOBE?

Any dumb stuff stressing you out today?


7 thoughts on “Ahhhh!

  1. Abigail

    Hahahahaha. We took a class where we were supposed to learn Illustrator but I think we just hung out instead because I also find it impossible.

  2. Jered

    Hulu+, 1 week free trial ($8/mo thereafter) has Downton seasons 1 and 2.

    I know this because I set it up for my wife, who was stressing us all out with her inability to catch up with the series. Apparently a female can only live so long without novelty from the Dowager Countess.

    1. heatherhomefaker Post author

      I totally wish Hulu was an option … we had it at one point, but it kept freezing and got to the point where stuff was pretty much un-watchable. Tons of other people in town said they had the same problem, so I think it’s just another perk of living in a rural area 🙂

  3. heatherhomefaker Post author

    It’s not like we need to learn any new computer skills anyway, since we took computer 101. We can build bitchin websites in FrontPage and successfully type our names into Word Documents, so I think we’re set for life.

  4. Closet Strategy

    I notice that someone else has already made my suggestion – if you’re in a TV-watching mood, sign up for the one week free trial of Hulu Plus and you can watch all of Season 2 (or, episodes 4 and beyond since you already have the disc in hand). I did that, and it was really nice because there were none of the annoying commercial inserts you get with regular Hulu.

    I became so obsessed by Downton that I actually paid to download Season 3 from iTunes. It was totally worth $14.99!!


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