Things Stressing Me Out Today: Part Two

april 4

It’s time for another round of Things Stressing Me Out Today. Everybody loves a whiner, right?

1. Sending press releases. I LOVE writing press releases – it’s one of my favorite parts of my job. But when it comes time to actually send them to thousands of people, I turn into a total basket case.  Even though I know everything is accurate, because I’ve checked it all. Fifteen times. I usually schedule them at the end of the day to be sent out the next morning, and then I spend all night having nightmares about typos. I need Xanax.

2. Running. Or rather, my running pace. For the last three weeks I’ve been focusing on speed for my runs under 4 miles. However, one of the side effects of my heart condition is exercise intolerance – basically this is when somebody feels levels of pain, fatigue and weakness beyond what would be expected of somebody in his/her physical condition. In me, this usually presents itself in the form of shortness of breath/extreme tachycardia, sometimes as soon as five minutes into my run when I’m obviously not tired. It really sucks to feel like your legs could keep going for 10 miles, yet you can’t breathe. Since the danger of exercise intolerance includes heart failure, it’s really hard to know when to push through those feelings (i.e., figuring out what is “normal” fatigue) and when to take a break. I was complaining about this to a friend recently, and woke up to this ecard in my inbox this morning:


I love my friends. Almost as much as I love Detective Elliot Stabler.

3. I just ate my last Cadbury Creme Egg and realized it will be a whole year until I once again taste that magical blend of high fructose corn syrup and calcium chloride.


2 thoughts on “Things Stressing Me Out Today: Part Two

  1. Closet Strategy

    You might have to settle for a long afternoon power walk on the treadmill while watching Det. Stabler on TNT. Or TBS. Or whatever station it is that plays SVU 24 hrs/day. But that’s a nice compromise.


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