10 Miles

Things I liked about my 10-mile run on Sunday:

– The cute elderly man who held out his hand for me to high-five when I ran by.

And that’s it.

Things I did NOT like about my 10-mile run on Sunday:

– Being an idiot and not hydrating properly the day before. And by “not hydrating properly” I mean “not drinking ANY WATER ALL DAY, and following that up with a couple beers at dinner.” I’ve been running long enough that I can’t chalk this up to a newbie mistake. I’m just dumb, apparently.

– Telling myself I’d run 10 miles anyway, and just hydrate using the drinking fountains at the two parks along my route. It was warm and I started feeling lightheaded around 4 miles in, so I sprinted to the first fountain I spotted, even though it was quite a ways away. I bent down for a refreshing drink, only to remember that the city shuts off the water to the fountains in the winter and doesn’t turn it back on until May.

– The geese around the city reservoir. They hissed at me the entire time I ran around the reservoir, and one actually tried to peck my leg when I went by. Sorry I didn’t think to pack a baguette for you in my running shorts, asshole.

– My knees randomly started hurting around mile 8. I’m hoping this won’t become a normal occurrence – they have never bothered me on long runs before. I’m wondering if it’s because I’ve been doing the 30 Day Shred on my non-running days. There’s a lot of jumping/squats/lunges involved with the Shred, and it’s not exactly easy on the knees. I had imagined a more glorious 10-mile victory photo, but since I was unwilling to remove the ice from my knees, this is what I’ve got:

04.22.13 10 miles

Three (.1) more to go, and I’ll officially be a half-marathoner!

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