Saturday Morning Walk

04.29.13 Pink flowers 1

The weather this weekend was perfect – highs in the upper 70s – so Dave and I decided to go for a slow stroll around the neighborhood on Saturday morning. We wound up at the hardware store, which was selling all sorts of veggies and blooms. We came home with a hanging flower basket and just a few flower starts – I’m always nervous about planting too soon, as we can sometimes see freezes as late as June. Hopefully the warmer weather is here to stay and our pretty new flowers will make it through the last few freezes of the season!

04.29.13 Flower close up

04.29.13 Hanging Flowers

04.29.13 Dress

04.29.13 Purple flowers

04.29.13 Three Flowers

I fly to Chicago tomorrow morning for work and won’t be back until Saturday. I have some posts scheduled for while I’m gone, and hopefully I’ll be able to check in once or twice. In addition to working like crazy, I hope to carve out some time to explore the city, hopefully head over to the Art Institute, and of course eat some good food. I traveled to Chicago quite often for my last job, but always had to spend my downtime with a big group of people. Let’s just say there was a lot of Chicago-style pizza involved (which is great, but I would like to branch out from Dino’s this time around). All that to say – if there’s something in the city I need to see or do, or if you have restaurant recommendations, please let me know in the comments!

1 thought on “Saturday Morning Walk

  1. Mom

    Is there anything beside Giordanno’s Pizza in Chicago? I mean, anything as good?

    Your pictures are so pretty!


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