(Somewhat) healthy zucchini brownies

04.30.13 Brownie hand

I was craving chocolate Saturday night, but wanted something at least fairly healthy. I remembered finding this recipe for zucchini brownies on Pinterest some time ago, and when I discovered we had most of the ingredients on hand, I decided to give it a try.

04.30.13 Ingredients

So … these aren’t exactly healthy, since the recipe calls for a cup and a half of chocolate chips as well as a cup of sugar. However, swapping applesauce for oil and using whole wheat flour instead of white means these are a tad less unhealthy than standard brownies. I used half regular sugar and half Splenda to cut out a few extra calories. I know, I know, Splenda is evil and it’s going to give me cancer. At least my ass will look good in the hospital gown.

04.30.13 Zucchini brownie

Dave and I both loved these. The cardamom and cinnamon make the flavor more complex than a regular brownie, and the zucchini makes them super moist. I topped mine with a little Arctic Zero (mint chocolate cookie flavor) and it totally hit the spot.

What’s your favorite way to healthify an otherwise unhealthy recipe? My sister told me you can use avocado instead of butter when baking – I definitely want to give that a try soon!

3 thoughts on “(Somewhat) healthy zucchini brownies

  1. Kristin

    Avocado is magic. Also…substitute coconut oil for olive or canola oil to get different health benefits..it works really well in baking, as it gives a richer flavor to everything. You can also substitute oats for flour in some recipes.

  2. SMcMullin

    I use Greek Yogurt as a healthy swap. For sour cream plain GY tastes almost identical and is NOT featured on the “top ten foods you should never ever eat” list like sour cream.


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