Hello chicago

I only have a couple minutes, but I wanted to do a quick check-in from Chicago.

View 1

(I was really excited to discover that our hotel is right next to those cool-looking circular towers that were on the cover of Wilco’s “Yankee Hotel Foxtrot” album.)

My flight got in around 4:30 Tuesday afternoon, but it was 6 by the time I made it downtown. The rest of my team wasn’t due to arrive until around 9 and I was super hungry, so I found an Indian food place on Yelp right around the corner from the hotel. I was tired after flying all day, so I went with a simple jeans, white tee, and colorful belt combo for my casual dinner:

Outfit 1

After eating, I lounged around my hotel room in a naan coma waiting for the rest of my team to get here so I could convince them to go out for drinks with me.


Only they were starving and wanted to go to a steakhouse, so I had second dinner with them at Chicago Cut Steakhouse. I really only wanted a few bites of steak, but wound up eating a slice of ribeye, some mashed potatoes, and some (seriously amazing) clam chowder. Then we got ice cream from 7-11 on our way back to the hotel and YOU GUYS I am not going to fit into any of the clothes I brought with me because I ate about a week’s worth of food today. My running gear wouldn’t fit in my carry-on, so I won’t be running while I’m here, either. I am going to hate myself next Monday when I get back to training.

This morning we are heading out to explore before our work function starts later in the day. And to see how many breakfasts I can log before noon.


2 thoughts on “Hello chicago

  1. Closet Strategy

    Love Chicago – so much good food (and all the walking attractions you need to burn it off)!


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