Pretzel-Wrapped Angus Dogs

Pretzel Wrapped Angus Dogs

My parents brought these angus hot dogs to a beach barbecue a few years ago, and Dave has been obsessed with them ever since. Like, there is a pack in the fridge at all times. In his defense, angus dogs are one of the most delicious ways to say, “Fuck dignity, let’s have mechanically separated meat for dinner.”

Spam is a close second.

Anyway, Dave was craving angus dogs Sunday night and I was looking at pretzel bread recipes on Pinterest, so he decided to combine the two and make pretzel-wrapped angus dogs for dinner. They were so good I made him make them again last night (not that I ever have to twist his arm to get him to eat mechanically separated meat).

Here’s how to make them:

Follow this recipe for the pretzel dough until you get to the step about rolling the dough into balls.

Instead of rollling the dough into balls, you will roll it into long ropes. Let it rise for 30 minutes just like the recipe says, and then coil each rope around a dog before continuing with the recipe at the poaching step. Serve with your favorite hot dog condiments.

These are super easy and way classier than just a plain old hot dog in a bun. At least, that’s what I’m telling myself.


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