Recipe: Tilapia Quinoa Bowls

Tilapia Quinoa Bowl

I’m sure I’ve blogged about my love for quinoa bowls before, but last night I decided to try a variation with tilapia and pineapple salsa. To say it blew my mind would be an understatement. Jon Hamm blows my mind. Good cheese blows my mind. These bowls were like Jon Hamm tenderly feeding me bites of Dubliner. On a private island. Naked.

After trying a few bites Dave told me he wouldn’t mind eating it every week, and I could only grunt and nod because I wasn’t about to stop shoveling forkfuls into my mouth just so I could tell him HELL YES I am making this for dinner at least once a week for the rest of my life or at least until Jon Hamm whisks me away to his private island o’Dubliner.

In addition to being delicious AND easy to make, these are really healthy, too. Which is great since I am running a half marathon in a month and I spent last week eating ALL THE THINGS. Actually, that’s not accurate, because ALL THE THINGS would include healthy stuff too, which I definitely didn’t touch. OK that’s not true either. I technically touched a container of yogurt because it was blocking the serving tongs in front of the vat of bacon at the hotel breakfast buffet.


Here is how you make them:

1/2 cup (dry) quinoa
4 fillets of tilapia or other white fish
2 ears of corn, kernels removed
1/2 orange bell pepper, chopped
1/2 onion, chopped
1 15-oz. can of black beans, drained and rinsed
Handful of cilantro, roughly chopped
1-2 Avocados, diced (I like mine really avocado-y)
Pineapple or other fruit salsa (I use Mrs. Renfro’s)
Garlic Salt
Cayenne Pepper
Olive oil

Rinse 1/2 cup dry quinoa and combine with 1 cup of water in a small saucepan. Bring to a boil. Once boiling, reduce heat to low, cover, and simmer for 15 minutes. Remove from heat and fluff with a fork.

While quinoa is cooking, heat 1-2 tablespoons of olive oil over medium heat in a large pan.

Sprinkle both sides of the fish with cumin and garlic salt, and add a small pinch of cayenne pepper just to the tops (this is how I keep it just slightly spicy. Feel free to go wild if you have a more adventurous palate.)

When the oil is hot, add the fish to the pan and sear 4-6 minutes on each side. The fish is done when it’s firm and flakes easily with a fork.

Move fish out of the pan and onto a plate.

Add corn, onion, and bell pepper to the hot pan and let sit for 1-2 minutes before stirring. Continue to stir every 2 minutes or so (this allows the veggies to blacken slightly and gives them awesome flavor).

When the veggies are cooked through and blackened on all edges, add the black beans to the pan and heat through for a minute or two.

Flake the fish into chunks and place in a large bowl. Add the cooked quinoa and veggies/bean combo and mix it all together. Season the mixture with cumin and garlic salt to taste. Serve in bowls and top with cilantro, avocado, and salsa.

Serves 2-4

05.9.13 Spicy Tilapia Quinoa Bowl

5 thoughts on “Recipe: Tilapia Quinoa Bowls

  1. Karen

    This recipe looks great! I’ll try it this weekend. And as usual, your writing is just fabulous.


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