My brain on a run

03.18.13 Running gear

My brain is kind of a scary place … after college, my knowledge of quadratic equations, world history, and geography packed up and moved out to make room for Center Stage quotes (Did you see how ON I was tonight?) and various bits of life-altering wisdom from Tyra Banks. I may not know where Bahrain is, but I will NEVER lose my neck in a photo.

I’ve come to realize, however, that my brain is even scarier when I’m running. Maybe it’s the lack of oxygen. I tried to remember some of the stuff I thought about during my run on Saturday so I could show you guys the crazy (which was probably even more pronounced than usual since I took Benadryl for my allergies right before leaving). So here it is, my brain on a run:

Huh, I feel kind of drunk. Maybe that pre-run Benadryl was a bad idea.

Why did that biker laugh when I smiled at him? There better not be a bug in my teeth again.

Ooh a parked car, I can check my teeth in the window.

Well I don’t see anyth … SHIT there’s a person in there.

I have Bob Seger on my iPod? I am the least cool person alive.


I wonder if anybody ever called Nostradamus Nostradumbass when he got stuff wrong. God, I’m hilarious. I should tell that joke to Dave when I get home.

Crap, another biker. Should I smile? What if there’s still a bug in my teeth? I could just wave, I guess.

I totally smized the shit out of that guy. Thanks, Tyra.

I miss Bob Seger.

I’m really dragging today. I should have had two cups of coffee this morning. I wonder if there is a high-caffeine variety of Shot Bloks.

Shit, I’m totally Jessie Spano.

That dog looked like Ryan Gosling!

Thank God it’s over. I’m never running again.

Hey Dave, do you think any body ever called Nostra … actually, never mind.


7 thoughts on “My brain on a run

  1. Emily West (@sparklemeetspop)

    I’m surprised you didn’t take that dog home with you! 🙂 Also there was this time where I couldn’t stop singing Frosty the Snowman in my head. It only happened when I ran and it lasted for weeks. Maybe that’s why I didn’t enjoy running so much back then…

  2. SMcMullin

    I tried to do this, to keep track of what I was thinking as I ran 5k on the treadmill on Tuesday. It is HARD! Most of it is total nonsense gibberish. I guess that’s why people say running clears your head?

    Some things I remember:

    “These shoes feel done. I need new shoes. How can I quickly earn $100? Quitting my gym membership.”

    “I hope they don’t come get me because Dot pooped.”

    “I’m going to flat out run this WHOLE thing!” Two minutes later, “I will run flat out until the three minute mark.”

    “Why does my face get so red? I’m probably dying. I need to get a heart rate monitor watch like Heather’s to make sure I’m not dying of her disease.”

    Lots of song lyrics.

    “People always look up when I do the drum beat with my hands. The real question is why they aren’t doing it. IT IS AWESOME.”

  3. Megan

    haha that is kind of how my mind works when I run. Except often I listen to Joy the Baker podcast and laugh at what they say. It’s easier that way.


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