Backyard dreaming

Last Friday night I was looking at real estate online with a friend (do we know how to party or what?), and I found a fabulous house for sale up the street from where we live now. Coincidentally, my bank just pre-approved me for a home loan in the same ballpark as the price of the house. Obviously, the universe wants this to happen.

One of the best things about the place is the huge, fenced back yard with several mature shade trees and a ton of greenery. I’m already dreaming about how awesome it would be to have a space for outdoor dinner parties … or just lazing around with a book on a sunny weekend afternoon. Who knows, maybe I’ll finally get to put all of my backyard inspiration pins to use someday soon.

Backyard movie

Backyard movie screening

White Table

Table for two

Solar lights

Romantic solar lights

Backyard Benches

Bright and cozy seating

Maybe I should call a real estate agent first, though.


2 thoughts on “Backyard dreaming

  1. Lori

    Maybe you will finally have that outdoor living room you always wanted us to have when you were growing up!


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