What I wore to work

Blue dress

Blue Striped Dress

Dress: Old Navy

Jacket: Old Navy (I am debating buying this one for a lighter option)

Belt: Gap, old (similar)

Shoes: DSW

Necklace: F21

Ring: Tiffany (similar-ish)

I picked up this striped dress over the weekend, and it might be my new favorite item in my closet. The material is super lightweight without being see-through, and the length and cut works both for my fairly casual office environment and for running around on the weekend. Also, it’s under $30. Score.

I love pairing dark blue with yellow, so instead of going for the nude Franko Sarto heels that I have been wearing almost every day for the last month, I opted for a pair of yellow suede wedges instead. And then I realized the lawn has gotten so long you can barely even see my shoes in the top picture. Guess what Dave is doing with his day off today?

Here’s a proper view of the shoes:

Yellow Wedges

I had to ditch the jacket by lunchtime, which I was excited about because I love the split neckline on this dress:

Dress Top

Want to show off what you wore to work? Link up with Tara at Mix and Match Fashion here.


9 thoughts on “What I wore to work

    1. heatherhomefaker Post author

      I was going to say I’d consider giving it to you if you started blogging again, but then I went to your blog and saw a bunch of posts I haven’t read yet. Fail, me.

  1. Closet Strategy

    Love that dress, both with and without the jacket! You’ve got me thinking about stripes now…


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