Healthy Alfredo Sauce Made From Cauliflower. I KNOW.

No offense to Dave, but cheese is the love of my life.

It is the answer to all the important questions I ask myself every day: Why get out of bed every morning? So I can eat cheese on toast for breakfast. Is it really necessary to spend so much time running every week? Yes, because brie.

It is even the answer to important questions other people ask me. On Saturday, Dave and I met with a home loan officer, who looked over my finances and asked where all my discretionary income goes. He was clearly thrilled with my answer:


So when I was browsing Pinterest last week and saw this picture of Veggie Alfredo Lasagna from Pinch of Yum, I made a mental note to make it over the weekend because look! At all of the gooey cheese!


Photo: Pinch of Yum

And then I found out that it’s actually fairly healthy. The sauce on this bad boy is made from pureed cauliflower, milk, vegetable broth, garlic, and just a small pinch of parmesan. And yet it tastes like full-fat, cheese-heavy alfredo sauce. WHAT IS THIS CULINARY MAGIC?

I will admit I was skeptical at first, so I dipped a pinkie into the sauce for a small taste when I had finished blending it. I seriously could not believe how delicious it was, and decided I  needed to taste a bigger sample in order to properly “check my seasonings.” Because that sounded better in my head than, “I want to drink this alfredo sauce like a damn milkshake.”

Instead of dirtying a spoon, I decided to just take a small sip from the edge of the blender. (Important Note to All My Friends: I swear I do not do things like this when we have guests.) This of course happened to be the exact moment Dave walked into the kitchen to grab a beer. I totally tried to play it off like I was just smelling the sauce and not DRINKING IT like a total creeper, but I think my alfredo mustache gave me away.

I can’t believe I write these things on the Internet.

Also, somebody please start a band called Alfredo Mustache before Gwyneth Paltrow uses it for her next kid’s name.

Anyway. In addition to the healthy cauliflowery sauce, this lasagna has a ton of other fresh veggies mixed in the filling. Lindsay at Pinch of Yum used carrots, tomatoes, and greens. We used eggplant, yellow squash, tomatoes, and spinach. I had planned to use mushrooms as well, but forgot to buy them because I’m an idiot (like you didn’t figure that out from the sauce chugging story). My point is: Don’t be like me. Use mushrooms if you make this recipe.


Photo: Heather Homefaker

I’d post a picture of how mine turned out, but right now I’m struggling to take close-ups of my food without it looking like a pile of inedible slop. It’s stressing me out. I need some cheese.


6 thoughts on “Healthy Alfredo Sauce Made From Cauliflower. I KNOW.

  1. Closet Strategy

    Sounds really good… cauliflower must be magic; I’ve also been seeing a lot of recipes lately that for pizza with “cauliflower crust.” One of these days I’ll will myself to investigate further.

  2. Lori

    I want to try this recipe, and the pizza one as well. Or maybe, you could come over and make it for me? I have cheese…


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