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High Five for Friday

Even the cat is high fiving for Friday this week:

Whiskers High Five

This week nearly killed me, so I’m extra grateful for this week’s High Five:

Whiskers and Will

Taking 10 minutes off from stressing about life to Photoshop a Fresh Prince hat onto a picture of my cat. You have to admit, the resemblance is uncanny.


Making pesto with fresh basil from the garden.

Dressed up

Getting all dressed up for a work event.

A rare cool, rainy summer day. Probably the last time I’ll wear jeans and long sleeves until September.


I saved this one for last because it’s the best … my sister sent me this photo of my nephew Josh to announce that she and her husband are having another baby! I’m already saving up for my trip out when she’s due this January.

 photo H54Fbutton-1_zpsa7aaa665.png

Interior Inspiration: Small Bathrooms

The house we’re buying has two bathrooms, and they’re both very small. On the one hand, less square footage = less cleaning = more time to drink beer and watch Pretty Little Liars (I swore to myself I wasn’t going to get into this show when I saw it pop up on Netflix, but then I was bored on Saturday and Jodie Sawyer showed up being all lip-bitey and adulterous and IT JUST HAPPENED).

Uh, anyway … small bathrooms. The thing is, I really want my bathroom to look like this:

Unfortunately that would require knocking down about three walls. So for today’s Interior Inspiration post, I tried to find details often found in big, fancy bathrooms that can be used in a small space to make it feel a little more luxurious. Things like:

Sconce lighting:

Bathroom sconces

An unusual mirror:


Built-in shelving:

Bathroom built-ins

And (if I feel really ambitious), wainscoting:

Aaaand I just spent two and a half hours looking at pictures of bathrooms. Send help.

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At-Home Upper Body Workout

I have this Google Doc where I plan each week’s workouts like a super organized crazy person, and I was all set to hit the gym for my scheduled upper-body strength session last night when I realized I double booked my workout with game six of the Stanley Cup Final.

First of all, I’m as surprised as you are that I like hockey.

I watched my first game with Dave a few years ago, and I went from being like, “I guess I’ll just paint my nails and pretend to watch” to “STAB HIM WITH YOUR SKATE, BITCH!” within minutes.   I’ve since changed my stance on watching sporting events from “Avoid all televised sports”** to “Avoid all televised sports that don’t encourage making the other team bleed from their heads.” Seriously, how much better would baseball be if the batter could run over and break the pitcher’s nose because he looked at him funny? Or better yet, somebody should invent a sport that allows players to attack the announcers!

Somewhere, Bob Costas is quaking under his toupee.

Anyway, I didn’t want to miss the game (I am the last person in America without a DVR) but I ALSO didn’t want to skip my scheduled workout. So I grabbed some heavy dumbbells and made up a little routine to do while watching the game. I tend to feel like a workout doesn’t count unless there’s some form of cardio involved (I think long-distance running messed with my brain), so I sprinted around the block after each set of exercises to get my heart rate up. It wasn’t much – I think it worked out to be about a mile total – but that was just fine by me since my hamstrings are still screaming from Saturday’s leg workout. Basically, strength training is kicking my ass.

I created a pin-able version of my little arm workout, in case you want to save it and use it yourself. It was surprisingly challenging for how short it was – I wanted to stab somebody with a skate after the second set of pike pushups.

At Home Arm Workout with Cardio

If you’re unfamiliar with pike pushups, here is a helpful video. They’re pretty challenging, so you could definitely sub some more regular pushups instead!

** Except the Olympics. OBVIOUSLY.

Interior Inspiration Series Part 1: Gray Walls

Many of my friends/family members have been asking how our home purchase is coming along, and I decided to update everyone via blog post to save everyone from the face I make whenever I ruminate on the fool’s errand that is buying a house. A mixture of gut-churning anxiety and horror, it looks something like this:


Anyway, here’s the latest news:

We did the inspection last week, and it came back pretty clean. With a few small exceptions, most of the repairs that need to be taken care of immediately are cosmetic. The roof is great, the foundation is good, the plumbing/electrical stuff is all in order, and there’s no evidence of pest infestation/damage. The appraisal won’t happen for about two weeks, as there are only two people who do appraisals in my city and they are both on vacation. Oh, small town living.

We did get our loan locked at an amazingly low rate last week, which I’m super excited about. If everything goes according to plan, the mortgage on this three-bedroom house will be less than my monthly rent was at my old two-bedroom apartment.

The bad news is, we’ve found ourselves in this weird house limbo – we’ve been told not to celebrate until all the papers are signed at closing, yet if all goes well, there is a lot to be done that requires a fair amount of planning (painting, ripping up the nasty-ass carpet and installing new flooring, etc.). So we have made a prioritized list of everything we want to take care of, and are cautiously planning how we want to tackle each item. Without getting our hopes up. Ha.

I’ve decided to start a little series of home inspiration photos, starting today with wall color. Both of us really like the look of gray walls with white trim, so we’ve been scouring Pinterest and design blogs looking for ideas.

Here’s a little roundup of looks we like:

I love how colors just pop against a gray wall, and that the color pretty much goes with anything – you can easily change out your accessories/wall art for a fresh look every few months without having to re-paint a room. Which is great for a couple of lazy people like us. (Seriously. It is 12:15 p.m. as I type this, and we are both in our pajamas on the couch.)

Unfortunately, couldn't find a source for this one!

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a source for this one.

I also really like the look of half gray, half white walls. I think it would be a great way to continue the color scheme into the bathrooms/bedrooms without things looking too “matchy.”

No source for this one either? Come on, Pinterest.

No source for this one either? Get your shit together, people of Pinterest.

I guess I should apologize to all my Pinterest followers for blowing up my Home Board this weekend. And probably warn you that you’re about to see a whole bunch of bathroom pins popping up in the next few days. At least it’s giving me a break from the chocolate-covered-cookie-dough-oreo-brownie-fudge-cake-on-a-stick madness that is the Pinterest Food/Drink section. I don’t want to have to add “widen doorways” to our list of home improvement projects.

High Five for Friday

Nails and Ice Cream

Ice cream and bright nails (polish is Reign in Spain by Color Club).

Golden Girls shirt

Dave discovered iron-on transfers, and made me a sweet ass Golden Girls t-shirt.

Paleo Pad Thai

Last night we tried this recipe for Paleo Pad Thai, and it was SO GOOD. (No, I’m not Paleo – I like cheese too much.) We don’t have all those trendy, Paleo-friendly ingredients like coconut aminos and sunbutter, so we used soy sauce for the aminos and peanut butter for the sunbutter (I know, the cavemen would totally be judging us). We also added yellow bell peppers and mushrooms. I cannot recommend this recipe enough.


Animals at the zoo!

Sometimes sprinkles are the only way to turn around a crappy day.

 photo H54Fbutton-1_zpsa7aaa665.png

Vacation Photos: San Diego Zoo

We spent the last day of our vacation at the San Diego Zoo. I’m pretty sure Dave will never want to go to a zoo with me again because I will not shut up about my new dream of smuggling a red panda into our back yard where it can befriend the cat and snuggle with me on the couch while I watch Toddlers & Tiaras.

Red Panda

This is the photo I plan to show the authorities when they arrest me for harboring an endangered species. “But officer, he was literally REACHING OUT TO ME SO I WOULD TAKE HIM HOME!”

Later in the day, we waited 20 minutes for a family of six to take approximately 3,000 photos in front of a goddamn hippo. These people were like the live version of one of those “practical” math problems on the SAT where you have to figure out all the different combinations you can create out of six items. Mom and dad in front of the hippo! Mom, dad, and grandma in front of the hippo! Just the kids in front of the hippo! Kids, grandma, hippo!


He’s smiling because I just elbowed Ansel Adams and family out of his grill.

We faced a similar challenge over at the tiger habitat, only when I went to elbow people out of the way, I tripped and hit my head on a low-hanging part of the ceiling. I guess karma is a thing after all.


Either he’s coughing up a hairball, or somebody just showed him a picture of Snooki.

There were flamingos everywhere, which was fun.


Still kinda pissed about that Tracy Byrd song.

We also saw this awesome bear, which was a little scary since there was NO BARRIER between him and us. There was a deep gorge-type thing, but that’s it. Which led to this conversation between me and Dave:

“This doesn’t seem safe. What if he teaches himself to jump?”

“Bears can run and climb, but not jump.”

“How do we know he’s not doing bear push ups at night and gaining the strength to leap the gorge and attack everybody?”

“You know people can hear you, right?”


I don’t care what Dave says, this bear totally just finished his WOD.

We also spent some time in the incarnation of my nightmares reptile house.


Not impressed with my Parseltongue.

There was a HUGE line to see this next exhibit:

Me and Dave

Much like the apes, we flung our feces at kids in strollers.

I simultaneously really like this next picture, and feel like a Sarah McLauchlan song should be playing softly in the background while a deep-voiced announcer asks me to donate to PETA.


In the aaaaarms of the angels fly awaaaaay from heeeere!

We really enjoyed our time at the zoo, even though I think it was unusually crowded since we were there on Father’s Day. We can’t wait to visit again!

I should note that Dave took all of these photos. I was too busy plotting Operation Steal a Red Panda to take pictures.

“You’ll never be a runner”

Four years ago, I was diagnosed with a heart condition called Inappropriate Sinus Tachycardia. After suffering through several incorrect diagnoses (one doctor actually told me I’d have to make sure I was never far from a defibrillator), I was finally referred to a well-known cardiologist at UC Davis.

“The good news is, you’re not going to die,” he told me after looking over my test results. “You’ll never be a runner, but you should be able to live a fairly normal life.”

And I was like no shit I’ll never be a runner, I weigh 175 pounds and my idea of athletics is spraying Cheez Whiz on crackers while watching half-naked men swim at the Olympics. Instead of taking it as a challenge, I looked at it as a get-out-of-exercise-free card. And for the next year or so, my weight continued to balloon to the point where I glanced at a photo on Facebook from a friend’s wedding and thought to myself, “Who is that fat girl wearing the same dress as me?” When I looked closer, I realized I was the fat girl. So that kind of sucked.

And in case you think I’m exaggerating:

July 2008

Fat girl wearing my dress.

Me at my heaviest (with my two superfit siblings).

Giant me in front of a giant sequoia tree (along with my super-fit siblings).

Obviously I knew I had weight to lose, but was too self-conscious to go to the gym since I could barely use the elliptical machine for more than 10 minutes without becoming drenched in sweat. So instead I counted calories. I had friends try and convince me to do all kinds of gimmicky diets (even one that involved drinking hormones from pregnant ladies’ pee!) but instead of “dieting,” I decided to create new eating habits that I could sustain my entire life. Instead of depriving myself, I left myself eat a cheeseburger for lunch if I felt like it. I’d just eat veggies for dinner instead of a huge helping of pasta and half a loaf of bread, like the old Heather would have. Slowly but steadily the weight came off, until I felt comfortable enough being seen in public wearing gym shorts. There was a lot of self-tanner and internal pep talks involved.

My first day at the gym I thought about what that doctor said about me never being a runner, and out of curiosity I hopped on the treadmill just to see what I could manage. The answer was: Not much. Like, I could barely run for a minute straight at a 12-minute pace. So I lifted weights occasionally and stuck to the elliptical for my cardio, and managed to shed close to 40 pounds.

My fitness/diet routine stayed pretty much the same until January of this year. I was going through a bunch of life changes that at the time felt pretty shitty. I needed a goal; something to work toward and feel good about. And for some reason that damn heart doctor popped back into my mind.

“You’ll never be a runner.”

That night I texted my mom and told her, “I want to run a half marathon this year.”

So I did.


Suck on that, Mr. Cardiologist.

Vacation Photos: Day 1

After driving all night (and lots of Starbucks), we made it home from Southern California safe and sound around 4:30 Monday morning. We somehow managed to put on pajamas and roll into bed, and I slept until about 11:30 a.m., when the cat decided to wake me up by sticking his face into the little breathing hole I had created in the covers and licking my forehead. Either he’s glad we’re back, or he wanted to be fed.

We took so many photos on our trip that I decided to break them up into several posts. I’ll start with the drive down on Thursday and our first day in Ventura on Friday.

First of all, if you ever find yourself thinking about taking a road trip along I-5 in California, know that your drive will look like this for about 6 hours:

06.18.13 Drive 1

At first it’s like, “Cool, we’re in the country! It’s so serene!” and before you know it you’ll be fighting with your boyfriend over whether the trash you saw on the side of the road was from Wendy’s or McDonalds because that hamburger wrapper was the most exciting thing you had seen in the last three hours.

Thankfully, the scenery improved exponentially once we arrived in Ventura:

Ventura Pier Sign

My family lived in Ventura when I was younger, and it’s funny the things I remember from when I was a kid. I have no memories of the pier, but I can vividly recall afternoons spent on the swings down on the sand beside it, the crazy-steep streets downtown, and plants so bright they almost look fake.

Beach Swing

Heather and Dave Ocean

California Street

One of my favorite spots as a kid was Grant Park, which overlooks the entire city and offers a pretty spectacular view of the coastline:

Grant Park

My sweet nephew Josh stopped running around like a madman to take a quick picture with me:


Finally, we rounded out the afternoon with some frozen yogurt and then dinner with some family and friends.


This is Dave’s cup. Mine wasn’t as colorful, and you could barely see the yogurt under the towering mountain of cookie dough bites, Reece’s Pieces, and crushed Oreos I piled on top of it. Don’t judge, I needed to fuel up for the race on Saturday.

Up tomorrow: My official half marathon recap and photos. SPOILER ALERT: I didn’t come in last; a scenario that has been plaguing my nightmares for the last couple of weeks.

High Five for Friday

R2D2 Cake

My uncle Greg made this awesome R2-D2 cake for my brother’s birthday. In addition to looking amazing, it was crazy delicious (unlike a lot of structural cakes I’ve tried, which seem to always be dry for some reason).

We’ve been enjoying watching hockey in the evenings while the cat naps all up in our grill. Where do I sign up to be a cat in my next life?


I had to laugh when I saw Dave’s suitcase before we left on our trip Thursday morning – not only was there hardly anything in it, it was folded SO neatly. Unlike mine, which is filled with enough outfits for about two weeks and barely zips closed.

06.14.13 Ninja Bottle

I forgot to bring my water bottle with me for our trip, so I rooted around in my parents’ cupboards when we stopped at their house on the way down. I found this relic from my childhood buried near the back.


There’s no Panera in our town, so we stopped and had lunch at one outside of Sacramento. I definitely got a side of bread with my sandwich.

Now we’re off to stroll along the beach and relax a bit before the race tomorrow. I could get used to this vacation thing.
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What I Wore on My Road Trip

So, I know I’m linking up to What I Wore to Work, but I didn’t have to go to work today. So  you’re getting “What I Wore for a 10-Hour Road Trip” instead.

Black tank and denim shorts

I’m really picky about the length of my shorts – they have to be short enough not to enter frumpy safari-guide territory, yet long enough to camouflage the fact that I eat Oreos fairly regularly. I was super excited when I found this pair at Target last weekend for only $17.

Outfit 2

Shorts – Target (recent)
Tank – Old Navy, old (similar)
Sandals – American Eagle (similar)
Watch – Target (similar)

P.S. I wrote the text for this post on Wednesday night while watching game one of the Stanley Cup Finals. Dave really wants me to note that we were just THREE MINUTES away from witnessing the longest game in Stanley Cup Finals history. My life is all kinds of exciting.