Things Stressing Me Out Today!

Things stressing me out today

Have you ever had one of those weeks where you’re really stressed, but you’re also super sleepy because you are up all night worrying about the things that are making you stressed, rendering you too tired to react properly to whatever is stressing you out?

It’s almost like my mind went into self-preservation mode, and is now floating around independent from my body just laughing at all the crap I’m dealing with. Major unexpected financial expenses right when I’m buying a house and taking a vacation? HILARIOUS. Closing costs on said house over three times what I was told to budget for? WHO CARES WHEN I CAN WATCH A MASHUP OF ALL THE ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT CHICKEN DANCES 20 TIMES IN A ROW!

I’m so out of it that I accidentally ran an extra mile and a half on the treadmill last night. I looked down to see how close I was to 4 miles, and I had gone 5.5. Usually I am watching the little distance box like a (sweaty, asthmatic) hawk and trying to convert the “calories burned” number into something more useful, like “how many beers I can drink with dinner without gaining weight?”

I know this stress isn’t permanent, and until everything gets sorted out, I’m trying to focus on things that make me happy. Things like the flowers outside finally blooming:


And tequila:

We leave for Southern California tomorrow morning, and I’m determined not to let this stress ruin our trip. I’m definitely pumped about the half marathon, and even MORE pumped about not having to follow a strict training plan anymore when I get home. I’m just praying Dave and I don’t kill each other on the 9-hour drive. He’s still pretty pissed about that hot dog cooker.


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