High Five for Friday

R2D2 Cake

My uncle Greg made this awesome R2-D2 cake for my brother’s birthday. In addition to looking amazing, it was crazy delicious (unlike a lot of structural cakes I’ve tried, which seem to always be dry for some reason).

We’ve been enjoying watching hockey in the evenings while the cat naps all up in our grill. Where do I sign up to be a cat in my next life?


I had to laugh when I saw Dave’s suitcase before we left on our trip Thursday morning – not only was there hardly anything in it, it was folded SO neatly. Unlike mine, which is filled with enough outfits for about two weeks and barely zips closed.

06.14.13 Ninja Bottle

I forgot to bring my water bottle with me for our trip, so I rooted around in my parents’ cupboards when we stopped at their house on the way down. I found this relic from my childhood buried near the back.


There’s no Panera in our town, so we stopped and had lunch at one outside of Sacramento. I definitely got a side of bread with my sandwich.

Now we’re off to stroll along the beach and relax a bit before the race tomorrow. I could get used to this vacation thing.
 photo H54Fbutton-1_zpsa7aaa665.png


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