Vacation Photos: Day 1

After driving all night (and lots of Starbucks), we made it home from Southern California safe and sound around 4:30 Monday morning. We somehow managed to put on pajamas and roll into bed, and I slept until about 11:30 a.m., when the cat decided to wake me up by sticking his face into the little breathing hole I had created in the covers and licking my forehead. Either he’s glad we’re back, or he wanted to be fed.

We took so many photos on our trip that I decided to break them up into several posts. I’ll start with the drive down on Thursday and our first day in Ventura on Friday.

First of all, if you ever find yourself thinking about taking a road trip along I-5 in California, know that your drive will look like this for about 6 hours:

06.18.13 Drive 1

At first it’s like, “Cool, we’re in the country! It’s so serene!” and before you know it you’ll be fighting with your boyfriend over whether the trash you saw on the side of the road was from Wendy’s or McDonalds because that hamburger wrapper was the most exciting thing you had seen in the last three hours.

Thankfully, the scenery improved exponentially once we arrived in Ventura:

Ventura Pier Sign

My family lived in Ventura when I was younger, and it’s funny the things I remember from when I was a kid. I have no memories of the pier, but I can vividly recall afternoons spent on the swings down on the sand beside it, the crazy-steep streets downtown, and plants so bright they almost look fake.

Beach Swing

Heather and Dave Ocean

California Street

One of my favorite spots as a kid was Grant Park, which overlooks the entire city and offers a pretty spectacular view of the coastline:

Grant Park

My sweet nephew Josh stopped running around like a madman to take a quick picture with me:


Finally, we rounded out the afternoon with some frozen yogurt and then dinner with some family and friends.


This is Dave’s cup. Mine wasn’t as colorful, and you could barely see the yogurt under the towering mountain of cookie dough bites, Reece’s Pieces, and crushed Oreos I piled on top of it. Don’t judge, I needed to fuel up for the race on Saturday.

Up tomorrow: My official half marathon recap and photos. SPOILER ALERT: I didn’t come in last; a scenario that has been plaguing my nightmares for the last couple of weeks.


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