Interior Inspiration Series Part 1: Gray Walls

Many of my friends/family members have been asking how our home purchase is coming along, and I decided to update everyone via blog post to save everyone from the face I make whenever I ruminate on the fool’s errand that is buying a house. A mixture of gut-churning anxiety and horror, it looks something like this:


Anyway, here’s the latest news:

We did the inspection last week, and it came back pretty clean. With a few small exceptions, most of the repairs that need to be taken care of immediately are cosmetic. The roof is great, the foundation is good, the plumbing/electrical stuff is all in order, and there’s no evidence of pest infestation/damage. The appraisal won’t happen for about two weeks, as there are only two people who do appraisals in my city and they are both on vacation. Oh, small town living.

We did get our loan locked at an amazingly low rate last week, which I’m super excited about. If everything goes according to plan, the mortgage on this three-bedroom house will be less than my monthly rent was at my old two-bedroom apartment.

The bad news is, we’ve found ourselves in this weird house limbo – we’ve been told not to celebrate until all the papers are signed at closing, yet if all goes well, there is a lot to be done that requires a fair amount of planning (painting, ripping up the nasty-ass carpet and installing new flooring, etc.). So we have made a prioritized list of everything we want to take care of, and are cautiously planning how we want to tackle each item. Without getting our hopes up. Ha.

I’ve decided to start a little series of home inspiration photos, starting today with wall color. Both of us really like the look of gray walls with white trim, so we’ve been scouring Pinterest and design blogs looking for ideas.

Here’s a little roundup of looks we like:

I love how colors just pop against a gray wall, and that the color pretty much goes with anything – you can easily change out your accessories/wall art for a fresh look every few months without having to re-paint a room. Which is great for a couple of lazy people like us. (Seriously. It is 12:15 p.m. as I type this, and we are both in our pajamas on the couch.)

Unfortunately, couldn't find a source for this one!

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a source for this one.

I also really like the look of half gray, half white walls. I think it would be a great way to continue the color scheme into the bathrooms/bedrooms without things looking too “matchy.”

No source for this one either? Come on, Pinterest.

No source for this one either? Get your shit together, people of Pinterest.

I guess I should apologize to all my Pinterest followers for blowing up my Home Board this weekend. And probably warn you that you’re about to see a whole bunch of bathroom pins popping up in the next few days. At least it’s giving me a break from the chocolate-covered-cookie-dough-oreo-brownie-fudge-cake-on-a-stick madness that is the Pinterest Food/Drink section. I don’t want to have to add “widen doorways” to our list of home improvement projects.

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