Interior Inspiration: Small Bathrooms

The house we’re buying has two bathrooms, and they’re both very small. On the one hand, less square footage = less cleaning = more time to drink beer and watch Pretty Little Liars (I swore to myself I wasn’t going to get into this show when I saw it pop up on Netflix, but then I was bored on Saturday and Jodie Sawyer showed up being all lip-bitey and adulterous and IT JUST HAPPENED).

Uh, anyway … small bathrooms. The thing is, I really want my bathroom to look like this:

Unfortunately that would require knocking down about three walls. So for today’s Interior Inspiration post, I tried to find details often found in big, fancy bathrooms that can be used in a small space to make it feel a little more luxurious. Things like:

Sconce lighting:

Bathroom sconces

An unusual mirror:


Built-in shelving:

Bathroom built-ins

And (if I feel really ambitious), wainscoting:

Aaaand I just spent two and a half hours looking at pictures of bathrooms. Send help.

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