Why I love the Internet

Dave and I have been watching a lot of TV this week, mostly because our house is 90 years old (for reals) and only has air conditioning in the bedroom. Ever since these 100-degree temperatures hit, our evenings have looked this this:

Drive home from work. Sit in the air conditioned car for 10 minutes while mustering the strength to go inside. Walk in the front door, contemplate trying to cook dinner on the countertops so we don’t have to turn on the oven. Give up and eat ice cream for dinner. Think about working out for 10 seconds before heading into the air conditioned bedroom to watch TV for five hours.

The downside of this situation is that I can almost feel my muscles shriveling up and dying. The upside is that we’ve been able to catch up on several series we’ve fallen behind on, including one of my all-time favorites, Parks & Rec. We were a few episodes into our marathon last night when I realized that Ron Swanson is totally Grumpy Cat’s doppelganger. I grabbed my laptop and was all ready to create a side-by-side comparison when I realized that there is no way I’m the first person to notice this.

And I was right:

God bless you, random girl on Tumblr.


And God bless Ron Swanson.

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