Interior Inspiration: Built-In Bars

Yesterday we found out that the house appraised for the price we offered, and I breathed half a sigh of relief before asking my realtor what we have to worry about next. Because if I’m not anxious about something that is unlikely to happen, the universe will implode. Apparently now we just have to wait for the bank to finish scouring my account statements (hopefully they’re not judging me for my weekly Liquor Barn visits), sign 5,000 papers, and the house will be ours.

Meanwhile, we’re still dreaming away of everything we’ll upgrade once we move in.  For instance, there’s a really cute little alcove off of the dining area that looks like it probably housed a desk at one time. Or, judging from the filthy state of the rest of the house, maybe a meth kitchen. Our realtor says that since the washer/drier are on the other side of the alcove wall, it would be fairly simple to add a sink to make the space into a little wet bar. Dave assures me that this project will be a piece of cake. I remain somewhat skeptical since a) My knowledge of plumbing extends to “don’t flush tampons,” and b) I’ve seen “The Money Pit.”

Of course, something like this would NEVER happen to us. This house is only one story.

I really do hope that this project is as simple as they swear it will be, because right now we store all of our liquor on a shelf above the sink and it’s a little more “We Need to Schedule an Intervention” than “Mad Men Chic.”

Here are some possibilities I envision, provided the house doesn’t fall down once Dave starts messing around with the plumbing:

Bar with gray cabinets

Which one do you like best? I love the little gallery wall above the last one!

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