Weekend in Photos

My weekends lately have been kicking ass.

07.15.13 Taiko

Here is a really crappy phone picture of the Taiko concert I went to Friday night. The .0000025 megapixel camera is just one of the reasons I’ll be ditching this phone as soon as my contract runs out at the end of the month. I’ll also be ditching TMobile after five years, but that’s a whole other story and there isn’t enough space on the Internet for me to list the ways I hate them.

The concert was awesome, and the drums seemed to bring the crazy people out of the woodwork. One drunk guy, wearing what appeared to be falconing gloves, kept challenging a group of guys sitting near us to a duel. When he charged their group and slipped, falling flat on his face, the cops stepped over to get involved. They had him pull some stuff out of his pockets – at first I assumed it was a set of Magic the Gathering cards, but it must have been something else because they cuffed him and took him across the street to the station.

07.15.13 Fruit

After the concert, I came home and made a blackberry peach crisp, since all of my fruit ripened at once and needed to be eaten. I’ll post the recipe I used tomorrow (along with an unlikely yet perfect ice cream pairing).

After spending most of Saturday picking up various flooring and paint samples, we headed to dinner at India Palace. This would be my number one restaurant suggestion to anybody visiting Southern Oregon — it is hands-down the best Indian food I’ve ever had, and that includes “fancy” places in L.A. and Chicago. Our favorites are the  korma, lamb dopiaza, and butter chicken. With a double order of garlic naan and a frosty mug of Kingfisher.

07.15.13 Squash chips

I rounded out Sunday evening watching “Orange is the New Black” on Netflix with some squash chips and one of my new favorite beers – Widmer Brothers Citra Blonde.

And now it’s Monday. Ugh.


2 thoughts on “Weekend in Photos

  1. SMcMullin

    I am planning to start Orange is the New Black this week. Or not since we finally ordered UVerse and I’ll probably watch back to back to back whatever-the-hell-is-on-TLC-cause-I-Can.


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