Monday Morning Thoughts

1. My stomach hurts. This could have something to do with me eating about a half pound of browned butter chocolate chip cookie dough while baking yesterday.

2. Probably also the five cookies I ate after they baked.

3. And that piece of strawberry rhubarb pie after dinner.

4. It took me 20 minutes to pick out an outfit this morning, and then I squirted curl serum down the front of my dress when I was doing my hair.

5. We are supposed to be finalizing the home loan today or tomorrow, and the lender keeps calling me every 10 minutes with all kinds of questions.

Can you re-send all of your pay stubs and deposit slips from the last three months? Sure.

Why is the amount you deposited on Friday different than the amount on your paycheck? Um, I needed cash for the farmers’ market … shouldn’t you guys understand how cash withdrawals work?

Can you write a letter stating that you have never gone by the name Efrain Diaz? Yes, although it might take me a while since I am at work trying to make money so I can keep playing this fun game where I send you my detailed financial documents and then you ignore them and call me instead.

6. Is it Friday yet?


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