Interior Inspiration: Nightstands

I’m ashamed of many things from my past. Writing a letter to JTT comes to mind. Also, I went through a phase in college where I really liked Dane Cook. (In my defense, this was well before Good Luck Chuck was unleashed on the world, and was around the same time I was dating a guy who read the Drudge Report. So clearly I was not making great decisions that year.)

Anyway, Dane had this routine about dumb couples who get into “nothing fights,”, and he told this story about hearing a couple screaming at each other about jelly in the grocery store aisle. And at the time I was like THANK GOD THAT WILL NEVER BE ME. And here I am, seven years later, fighting with Dave over whether we need to have matching nightstands when we move into the new house.

Inexpensive Nightstand Roundup

Top Left // Top Center // Top Right // Bottom Left // Bottom Right

When it comes to decorating, Dave tends to value function over form. I am guessing this is why he keeps suggesting that we put chicken wire above our fence in the back yard to keep the cat from escaping. Sweet baby Jesus, CHICKEN WIRE. IN THE BACK YARD. BLOCKING OUR BEAUTIFUL VIEW OF MT. SHASTA. But that is a story I will tell on a different day. Possibly in front of a judge, if he does not stop suggesting it as a viable option.

Anyway, nightstands. I think we should invest in matching nightstands or, at the very least, paint two different nightstands the same shade so that they tie in to the overall look of the room. He thinks this is a waste of money that could be better spent on other things. (Like chicken wire, probably.) Luckily, the options above are all reasonably priced, rendering his “wasting money” argument invalid.

I think the one on the bottom left is my favorite, though I’d most likely spray paint it white to go with what I’m envisioning for the rest of the room. Or maybe cover it in chicken wire and put it in what is apparently going to be our prison-themed backyard.

The good news is that I sign off on the loan documents tomorrow, and should have keys by early next week. I plan to post a photo (and maybe video?) tour here on the blog, and am looking forward to making all of these ideas real in the very near future!

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6 thoughts on “Interior Inspiration: Nightstands

  1. Meghan Myers

    Mike and I have different nightstands I found mine before we found the bedroom set and it’s too pretty to give up. Yje difference in color is black and dark reddish brown. In the long run I say he should get the one he wants, the master bedroom in the room guest tend to stay out.of.

  2. Lori

    Keep the cat in the kennel when he is outside….it’s kind of a Taj Majal kennel anyway, and keep the view clear! Chicken wire is so……Siskiyou! And, I like the idea of different nightstands, painted the same color. Paint is CHEAP!

  3. Lori

    P.S. Put a little kitty sofa in Whisky’s kennel, and perhaps some drapes for him to shred. And maybe a little kitty hot dog machine.


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