Things I Did This Weekend

Pink patterned pencil skirt

1. Scored this skirt at Macy’s for less than $20. I’ve kind of been stockpiling pencil skirts lately, but they’re just so easy to throw on in the morning, and you can get them in bright colors/crazy patterns and still look professional. And I do love me a crazy pattern.

2. Finally bought an iPhone. It only took me two calls to customer service and one live chat session with a guy named Tim who I’m pretty sure suffered a brain injury right before starting his shift. His help consisted of, “you should call the customer service line.” Like the whole point of me chatting with morons isn’t to avoid talking to morons.

3. Speaking of iPhones, I saw the Jobs trailer this weekend. I’m not sure if it’s because I think the actual movie looks good or if it’s because I had a huge crush on Steve Jobs when I was in college, but either way: I want to see it.

4. Celebrated my mom’s and uncle’s birthdays. It involved tangerine grapefruit margaritas.

5. Blew off the “write a non-shitty blog post” item on my to-do list and drank tangerine grapefruit margaritas instead . But you probably already guessed that one.

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