Our Leaky Toilet

After I mentioned our leaky toilet in a recent post, a bunch of you were really nice and pointed out the problem is most likely a malfunctioning tank-to-bowl gasket. Since the leak is indeed coming from the area where the tank meets the bowl, and the current part in that location is cracking and nasty, I assumed  you were correct. However, when we headed out to buy a replacement, we found that every gasket in the hardware store is shaped differently than the part on our toilet – ours is way thinner and a lot bigger in diameter. Still, we thought, maybe it just got smushed from sitting under the tank for years, so we tried to replace it with one of the smaller, fatter ones we found in the store.

We gave the handle a triumphant push, and … it still leaks.

We then measured our part and searched online for different sizes, thinking that perhaps our small hardware store just didn’t have the kind we needed. So we Googled, and then looked at hardware sites, and you guys I EVEN TRIED BING AT ONE POINT and this is when my brain really started to hurt because how often do you not find what you’re looking for on the Internet? Cats dancing to hip hop? Check. Guy who sews his own Peter Pan costumes and thinks his house is Neverland? Yup. Six-inch tank-to-bowl gasket?

Michelle Tanner

So, the logical next-step would be to wonder if maybe this part isn’t, in fact, the tank-to-bowl gasket, right? But this is literally THE ONLY piece connecting the tank to the bowl that is somewhat shaped like a gasket. WHAT ELSE COULD IT BE?

And this is why I’ve been spending my evenings looking at diagrams of toilets online like some kind of pervert with a porcelain fetish. It’s probably a good thing that I’m learning though, since until Tuesday night this was my knowledge of toilets:

Toilet Diagram

In a moment of desperation last night, I decided to just put the damn piece in a plastic bag to take to Lowe’s this weekend since every time I describe the problem to somebody they say, “It’s the tank-to-bowl gasket!” and then my head explodes.

And that is the story of how I became the crazy lady who carries pieces of her toilet around town in a Ziploc.


4 thoughts on “Our Leaky Toilet

  1. Meghan Myers

    Also check your local auto parts store.at our shop I know that Mike often makes his own gaskets when the store doesn’t carry the size he needs.

  2. SMcMullin

    Damn it, I was hoping it would be an easy fix! Now you probably strap it to your arm with your mp3 player while running JUST IN CASE someone on the trail knows.


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